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Pam and Jacob met as next door neighbors in Boston, MA. After months of hearing each other practice through the wall, they came together and formed XNY. XNY breaks the boundaries of genres. They have managed to combine passion and simplicity into a sound that is both unique and palatable. XNY challenges experience and in return creates their own.

The Essex

Brooklyn Power-Funk! The Essex is all about the mix of power and groove—the penetrating immediacy of their four-part horn lines delivered with raw rock intensity, and jazz-inspired improvisations whirling and weaving around swaggering hip-hop beats and deep funk. The Essex will soothe your soul and free your mind while you sweat it out on the dance floor.

Dance Fight


The Dark Shasha, Old Ben, Drumantis

Brooklyn, NY USA


While honoring the traditon of funk and soul masters, JuiceBox creates a mesmerizing new sound from its seven members. Past performances at 92Y,the Blue Note, and Jazz at Lincoln Center have helped catapult their music to International audiences. Juicebox toured italy in the summer of 2012, with notable performances at the Dolomiti Ski Jazz and MusiCamDo Jazz Festivals. JuiceBox released their first single 'Occupy My Heart' in 2013.

The music of JuiceBox is an infectious blend of rhythm and blues, soul and funk. With the wailing sounds of the Hammond organ, funky guitar, a powerful horn section and the sensuous vocals of Lisa Ramey, they create an infectious and irresistible sound that is reminiscent of only funkiest grooves of the 1960′s.

Mikal Evans

Mikal Evans has a folk rock sound of a woman in charge.

After a stint with acoustic players, Revival, laying down the keys and violin, she decided to go solo and perform music a little more her own style. Her morose and sultry voice drive her acoustic rock sound, reminiscent of a Tom Waits structure but with sweetly melodious vocals, simultaneously taking influences from the indie rock movement as much as singer/songwriter genres.

For Evans, influences are dated back to when she was growing up in Moore, South Carolina. That is where she first heard her father record bands in a converted schoolhouse gymnasium, and that’s where she found music to be her calling. She bought a guitar at 16 and began writing songs immediately, picking up gigs around her hometown and just generally honing in on her craft.

After college, she moved to Washington, D.C., signed to Gypsy Eyes Records, and began playing all over the district with Timothy Bracken for months. Before heading into the studio, the duo added the drum work of Jerry Busher (French Toast) and bass stylings of Ashish Vyas (Thievery Corporation). However, this band was unable to tour due to side projects.

As for her solo efforts, Evans’ debuted with an EP, “A Jailhouse…A Kingdom,” released June 2008 by D.C. based Gypsy Eyes Records. The tracks are etched with an Appalachian influence and often accompanied by mysterious lyrical content that demands a second listen.

The DCist wrote: “Evans’ style is best summed up by an observation from one audience member: “This reminds me of a really good P.J Harvey song”. To her credit, Evans has sincerity by the bucket. Like her raspy voice, her melodies seem to prize honesty over prettiness.”

Since her debut release, Evans has been living in New York City where she frequents venues such as the Rockwood Music Hall in the Lower East Side and Spike Hill in Williamsburg. Her next album is expected to be released sometime this Fall. Evans begun the recording process in August of 2008, and just finished this September. Look out for the record on Itunes and other online releases.


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