MK Groove Orchestra (Double Set) (Residency), The Thang (EP Release), John Eichleay, Gowanus Collective, Dilemastronauta

MK Groove Orchestra (Double Set) (Residency)

The MK Groove Orchestra is not your grandparents big band, the MKGO is equal parts rock band and jazz band, drawing upon all sounds and cultures that inspire them. Musical omnivores to say the least, depending on what night you see the group, you may be treated to a transcription of a B side from an obscure old school funk 45, the opening theme of a Bruce Lee film, a rendition of a classic recording by a cuban orchestra from the 50s or a classic rock anthem...most likely all of the above. The MKGO's originals also have an equal sense of adventure and breadth, written with clarity and purpose and performed integrity, intensity and virtuosity. Imagine all this...wrapped in face melting guitars.

The Thang (EP Release)

Rockin' Funkin' and Crunkin' big band sound

John Eichleay


Gowanus Collective

The Gowanus Collective is a spontaneous/improvisational group based out of NYC. Weather it be the pulsing grooves that rumble across the stage, the ambient soundscapes that graze the audience, or the sonic screams of their laser like notes, the Gowanus Collective delivers an intense organic, hand packaged, and exciting listening experience to the audience


Dilemastronauta is a hybrid of different musical backgrounds. Colombian rhythms and melodies, danceable grooves, electronic sounds, the human voice and intense improvisation. The group was created by Andres Jimenez, a Colombian musician who lives in the USA since 2000.
Dilemastronauta has performed in venues such as Brooklyn Academy of Music and important festivals like Make Music New York. In 2011 the band released its debut album called "Astronauta en Tiera", featuring Colombian rhythms and Melodies as well as Jazz improvisation. Now days the band is getting ready to go back to the studio to record a second album which has a more experimental approach and yet lyric oriented thanks to the Vocals by Melissa Escudero, a rising Colombian- American singer born in Queens NY. Stay tune for Dilmastronauta's new Album coming up in 2013!!!!


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