Westword Music Showcase 2013

Glass Homes

Glass Homes is a Denver based electronic/post punk duo that started in 2008. The current line up includes Nick Salmon and Breton Christopherson. After gigging throughout Colorado in 2009, they enlisted the help of producer Kyle Petersen and drummer Clark Baechle to record their debut album self-titled album. The album was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska at Enamel Studios. Glass Homes is quickly gaining recognition for their highly energetic and expressive live shows.

Joy Subtraction

The subtraction of joy. It's not a new concept—individuals and organizations have been engaging in it for as long as there have been individuals and organizations. Some notable practitioners include the U.S. Congress, girlfriends and wives, Mel Gibson, anyone who thinks Ayn Rand had good ideas, Jonathan Franzen, Nazis, Gwen Stefani, every chamber of commerce, and Ted Nugent. But there is an entity that has made the practice a fine art, elevated it to a level higher than Mount Olympus. Because it's one thing to subtract joy—anyone can do that. But that is merely one tine of a forked tongue. That's just nihilism. There's no greater purpose being served. The trick is to subtract the joy of others while maximizing one's own pleasure. That's when Joy Subtraction can become art.

It didn't start out that way. The band had noble intentions. "It began as a vehicle to transmit the plight of the oppressed, a sort of electric clarion call, if you will," says one of the members. "But then my wife got this killer corporate gig as an attorney, so now we find that our interests often conflict with those of the oppressed. It's really hard for us. On the one hand, you want to care, but, on the other, you don't want to lose any money. So I'm still finding my artistic voice. This country has been so bad to so many people, but it's been so good to me and my family that I'm tending to look the other way. We'll see what shakes out." Of course, what started as looking the other way inevitably became the active dismaying of those around him, and that ethos soon became the modus operandi of the entire band.

Regarding the music, Joy Subtraction sounds like whatever you hate; whatever makes you feel ugly and insecure; whatever garnishes your wages. Do you like Radiohead? Joy Subtraction sounds like the exact opposite of Radiohead. Do you hate Black Flag, Burning Brides, NoMeansNo, Future of the Left, and The Beatles? Good—because Joy Subtraction kind of sounds like all of those bands rolled into one. Except way better.

Regarding your feelings, ha ha ha ha ha. Do you want things to work out for humankind? Joy Subtraction is here to tell you they won't. Do you like good times and great oldies? Joy Subtraction likes the day the music died. Do you think Jesus wants you to be rich and successful, white and thin? JS is here to tell you he doesn't. He wants you to be killed and eaten by poor people.

Do you want math with your metal? Steam with your punk? Psycho with your billy? Stoner with your rock? Art with your house? Hip with your hop? Power with your pop? Alt with your country? Hard with your core? Shoe with your gazing? Well, piss off—you'll get whatever gruel JS decides to sling your way. Lap it up, lapdog.

Do you think glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity? Of course you don't—you're American. Well, so is Joy Subtraction. That and greed are the only things you both have in common. But it's enough, isn't it? So break out your mom's wallet and buy their music. Do it for capitalism. Do it for American especialism. Do it before your mom loses her job. Do it before we all go up in flames. Because, as Joy Subtraction will be the first to tell you, the firestorm's coming. It's on its way now. Feel the heat? You will.


"Dragondeer delve into some swampy blues and reverb-drenched psych folk" - Westword

"Hushed, psyched-out lullabies" - The Onion

DRAGONDEER ON YOUTUBE | http://youtu.be/ubcgkCXjQYo

We are heading into SiloSound in February 2013 to record our first EP with Jeff Kanan & Nick Sullivan. Until then here are two live sets on Bandcamp that are free to download:

DRAGONDEER ON BANDCAMP | http://dragondeer.bandcamp.com/


With a sound that is both emotionally engaging and musically deft, Confluence mixes angular, math-y arrangements with straightforward, catchy melodies to produce songs that recall legendary indie bands from the turn of the century.

The bombastic energy and youthful angst instilled in their sound does, however, provide a refreshing progression from the music that these longtime friends grew up with.

Ian Gassman of Night Owl, Spires, and Morning Clouds sings and plays guitar alongside guitarist Brett DeWire of HR People, Alan Hubbard — also formerly in Night Owl — plays bass, and Spenser Leighton handles drums.

The four reunited in the Summer of 2012 to write the kind of music they found lacking in the current climate. Their first EP, "I Haven't Really Been Living," was recorded with Tim Gerak at Mammoth Cave studios. Gerak has worked with other Denver bands such as Princess Music and The Outfit, as well as labels like Sub Pop and Fat Possum.

All recordings aside, their live shows reflect the assured sense of style and purpose they've brought to their songwriting. - Jesse Livingston


"This one's almost all guitar - big, distorted, consuming guitar, the kind you have to brace yourself against." -Kiernan Maletsky, Westword

Thee Dang Dangs

Thee Dang Dangs are a 4 piece Psychedelic Surf Garage Rock band that formed in 2012 in Denver, CO.

Dirty Few

we're a party garage rock band in denver that loves your mom! we're playing tons of rad shows this year just got off tour and plan on gettin back out there sooon!!

The Photo Atlas

The Photo Atlas are one of those bands that have name recognition. Even if you don't know exactly what they sound like, you've definitely heard of them…. and with good reason. They've been hard at work these past few years touring the country, playing the large festivals, romancing the record industry, and really making a name for the Coloradomusic scene. The group's music blends the angularity and drive of Fugazi, the gut-punch of At The Drive-In and the infectiousness of The Faint all into one explosive little package.

The dance punk outfit got their start in Denver, Colorado working with Morning After Records. They put their first EP out with a bang before quickly being snatched up by Stolen Transmission Records. This partnership led to the release of the group's full length album No, Not Me, Never and life in the fast lane. Chocked full of hits such as Handshake Heart Attack and Red, Orange, Yellow the quartet found themselves in high demand across the country.

Just in case you're not sure what qualifies as life in the fast lane or being in high demand, let me fill you in. The Photo Atlas was the featured artist for Airwalk Snowboarding boots with ads placed in all major skate/snowboarding magazines and shops, they had performances at the X Games in LA and Aspen, they were a featured artist at SXSW in 2007 on the "Best 100 Bands to Watch" compilation, they were the band of the day on Spin.com, they were featured in AP Magazine as "22 Best Underground Bands That Won't Stay Underground For Long", they performed at CMJ, Mile High Music Festival, Monolith, and Van's Warped Tour, they were chosen as 100 "Feed the Beat" bands by Taco Bell, and Red, Orange, Yellow was featured in the video games Burnout Paradise, Burnout Dominator, and MLB 07: The Show. Wow. Talk about an impressive resume. Did I mention that they did all of this while touring almost nonstop?

The Photo Atlas's dynamic indie dance rock tracks are coated with vital melodies, explosive guitar riffs and demanding drum beats, which bring a sense of movement to each song. The group went back to the studio for the 2009 release of To Silently Provoke the Ghost with INgrooves Records. The album led to another write up in AP Magazine with a 4 star rating and feature. The first single, Jealous Teeth, has been racking up play at radio stations across the country.

Hearts in Space

Hearts in Space is a Denver four piece comprising of Ezra Darnell on vocals, guitar and bass. Jordan Hubner on vocals and guitar, Johnny Lundock on drums and Ryan Slowkowski on bass and guitar. Sonically pleasing with touches of light hearted and lush vocal harmonies and soul. Psychadelia is no stranger in their landscape of southwestern born garage explorations.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

With songs as seductively venomous as its name suggests, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake began in October 2008 when veterans of the underground music scene in Denver decided to pursue a mutual interest in darkly atmospheric music with a grounding in dance rhythms. Since its debut performance on Valentine's Day 2009, the band has played numerous shows including sharing the stage with the likes of Amazing Baby, Pink Mountaintops, Wovenhand and The Entance Band. With severe yet ethereal guitars chiming over the top of tribal percussion, shot through with singer Hayley Helmericks' caustic lyrics, Snake sounds like a vital combination of spooky surf band, haunted carnival rock and Siouxsie Sioux fronting a pre-synth-driven New Order. The sense of menace and haunted introspection heard in the act's music ultimately transforms in the end into the kind of catharsis born of vanquishing personal demons with a joyfully cinematic flair. One of this band's secret weapons is the interlocking rhythmic structure created by dual percussionists Andrew Warner and Kit Peltzel. The rich percussive textures allow the seething whirl of guitar interplay between Doug Spencer and Wilson Helmericks to ride on the waves of James Yardley's driving bass lines. The resultant harrowing aesthetic is one shared with the early releases of The Rapture and Goblin's soundtrack work for Dario Argento. Always an inspiringly compelling live act, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake is poised to strike out of the insular Denver rock scene and into wider pastures. -Tom Murphy



Bar Standard
12:00 – 12:30 – Glass Homes
12:45 – 01:15 – Joy Subtraction
01:30 – 02:00 – Dragondeer
02:15 – 02:45 – Confluence
03:00 – 03:30 – Warhawk
03:45 – 04:15 – Thee Dang Dangs
04:30 – 05:00 – Dirty Few
05:15 – 05:45 – The Photo Atlas
06:00 – 06:30 – Hearts in Space
06:45 – 07:15 – Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

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