DJ Shannon von Kelly, DJ & promoter behind the Neon Knights monthly dance party, brings electro•synth•hop•cosmic•indie•disco•wave•tronic to the UMS.

Vinnie Maniscalco

Producer, promoter and professional envelope pusher! Vinnie Maniscalco has quickly become the EDM Trap Music ambassador for Colorado.
Constantly working hard to bring representatives to Denver including:
Luminox, CRNKN, HEROES & VILLAINS, ETC! ETC!, BRILLZ, and Trap-A-Holics. His live performances are setting trends throughout the scene and his music speaks for itself ( Taking influences and samples from Big Room House & Dubstep Anthems, his remixes have gained support from artists across the globe (Foreign Beggars, Figure, Heroes x Villains, Luminox) and countless blogs (The Music Ninja, Ariel Noise, and Dani Deahl). Be on the lookout for new collaborations with Selina Albright, Whiskey Pete, and several other amazing vocalists in 2012.

DJ Hipp-e

A native of the golden West, Hipp-e has pushed the envelope of dance music from the tender age of 16.
After years of parties and inspiration from other DJ's and Producers, Hipp-e decided it was time to try his hand at making music that better suit the left-coast of the United States. Teaming up with partner Halo, the two produced a hybrid sound that paired the jackin' beats of Chicago with the smoked out sounds of the Pacific. Known as the H-Foundation and 6400 Crew, they produced tracks for Siesta Music in their new home of San Diego, their new friends at Soma in Glasgow, label giant Hooj Choons, and even for the East coast legends at Yoshitoshi. As a result, they drew the attention of the world to the self-contained music industry of the West coast.

The next phase of his skyrocketing career saw him able to take his sound to the world in the form of his legendary DJ sets. Playing slots at Fabric London, Turbo Toronto, Zouks Singapore, Soma Glasgow, Twilo New York, More Amsterdam Pacha Buenos Aires, and Allenby Tel-Aviv turned the heads of the clubbers who thought they had seen and heard it all. His sets at raves in New Zealand, Montreal, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Brazil and all over the United States have reintroduced the concept that prime-time doesn't mean prime-speeds and has the ravers listening for a change.

And even though one might wonder when he finds the time, Hipp-e has continued to push himself in the studio, developing a sound that belongs solely to him. His solo production for labels like NRK, Soma, Product Deluxe, and Tango has garnered instant reaction from international DJ's and has those more negative individuals that predicted some sort of Hipp-e / Halo backlash quickly zipping their lips. In addition to building his studio knowledge, Hipp-e is venturing into more unknown territory. As A&R for San Francisco based Tango Recordings, he is able to take his knack for finding amazing records to play out and apply it to finding upcoming producers from around the world who will help to shape the future of dance music.

With a DJ schedule that shows no signs of slowing down, and a resume that already puts him at the top of his field, and an ever growing potential in the studio, Hipp-e will continue to realize his dreams and inspire the rest of the industry.

Look for Hipp-e this summer as a part of the massive Mekka tour in North America followed by a mix CD with partner Halo along with several remixes including a burner for the boys from Slam and completion of the full length H-Foundation album.


“You don’t even know who KTONA is…”
This phrase is often heard on a KTONE mix tape. Well since you don’t know, let me introduce you.

While other kids were trying to master red light, green light, 1-2-3, KTONE could be found mixing his Sesame Street records on an old turntable. Definitely not Star Search but it was his start of an art form that would make him into the man and the DJ he is today. By 7th grade he found himself rapping in a group that won first place in a school talent show, proving that everything that KTONE puts his mind to can be a true success. He then started borrowing his mother’s tapes and albums combining them with his CD collection making personal mix tapes. His taste in music agreed with his friends’ and they began to steal his mix tapes. This eventually led him to steal his own tapes back!

KTONE is a man who believes in keeping family first and why wouldn’t he when his inspiration is drawn from them? His mother encouraged his love for music and most importantly supported his goals. Currently, his wife and 2 sons serve as his main inspiration. Everything he does right now is for not only for his own benefit, but for his children’s benefit as well. They even draw inspiration from him when they visit the studio and experiment with music, dance, and play on turntables displaying the spark that started it all for him.

DJ Low Key

Over the last ten years, the title DJ has been diluted, abused & misused more than ever before. Every overzealous kid with a laptop seems to think they can claim the title, making authentic, experienced DJs like Denver tastemaker, DJ Low Key, more valuable than ever. Twice voted "best hip hop DJ" in Denver Village Voice alt-weekly, the Westword's, Music Showcase, he's been a positive force for hip hop and the Colorado music scene since bursting onto the Boulder club scene in 2001. Since then, Low Key has DJed at a variety of Colorado's premier venues, opened for a who's who of hip hop, launched an award winning party of his own (cleverly named the Solution), partnered with some of the most respected names/brands in music, fashion and art, traveled North America as tour DJ for critically acclaimed rap group Tanya Morgan & constantly provided a sophisticated alternative to the stereotypical hip hop and nightclub cliches. His musical integrity, mixing skills and ability to build a rapport with crowds has led to a reputation as a highly respected DJ that extends from Denver throughout the world.

Beyond shining as an exceptional club DJ who spins everything from hip hop to soul/R&B to pop/top40 to dance music, Low Key has established himself as the rare creative talent who understands the business side of the industry as well. From promoting a variety of events at his own weekly club night, the Solution (named best club night in the 2010 Westword Best of Denver issue) to working as Denver's sole rep for the world renowned Red Bull Music Academy to executive producing the Blu & Exile "Blu Collar Workers" video (which was co-signed on by Kanye West, amongst other acclaim) to booking DJs and programming happy hour music for an upscale martini bar to collaborating on popular mixtapes with the likes of Grammy winner 9th Wonder, R&B/neo-soul diva Sy Smith, critical darlings Median, TiRon, Che Grand & more; he can constantly be found at the junction of art and commerce. All of these exploits are well documented at his popular site,, which is updated numerous times throughout the week and has received over 17.1 million hits from all over the world since it's debut in early 2006. The site features regularly updated info about events featuring DJ Low Key, offers free downloads of mixtapes & other audio, info on his endeavors and more musical goodness with a uncommon consistency and professionalism.

Fresh off of playing along some of Houston's top DJs and a forth annual SXSW trip/performance on a two week Texas tour; DJ Low Key can be found alongside Sounds Supreme and Lazy Eyez at their award winning party, the Solution and it's newer offshoots The Solution Showcase and The Solution Boulder, working with Red Bull on a variety of music based projects including their infamous Music Academy, releasing acclaimed mixtapes with some hip hop's finest new talent and promoting and producing a variety of unique, interesting clubs nights, concerts and special events throughout Colorado and beyond. A product of extraordinary determination and ambition, you can catch DJ Low Key constantly working, solidifying himself as one of the premier DJs with Yo! MTV Raps ideals for a new generation of hip hop fans worldwide.

Mile High Soul Club

Started in 2008 at Rock Bar by Lipgloss co-Founder Tyler Jacobson and Rockabilly & Ribs founder DJ DogBoy, Mile High Soul Club has grown to become America's largest monthly soul night. In 2010, MHSC moved to The Meadowlark and introduced "Creeper" Steve as the third resident DJ. MHSC has previously opened for national touring artists such as Lenny Kravitz,Trombone Shorty, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Charles Bradley & Aloe Blacc.

Involved with the founding of many of Denver's most infamous parties - including the 11 years and running indie-rock & electro club-night LIPGLOSS - Hollow (formerly Boyhollow) has helped not only build the local Denver dance scene, he has in many ways been instrumental in its establishment. His parties have brought many of music's finest & most exciting acts to Denver for their first time & have helped put Denver on the musical map. Over the last 9 years, Hollow has established himself as one of Denver's most diverse, proficient & well-known DJs. He has become adept at transcending genres & creates an experience that is unique and able to adapt itself to almost any type of crowd. Known for his ability to make any dance-floor take notice, he is one of Denver's most sought after purveyors of music & party invention.



Vinyl Rooftop
12:00 – 01:00 – Shannon von Kelly
01:00 – 02:00 – Vinnie Maniscalco
02:00 – 03:00 – DJ Hipp-E
03:00 – 04:00 – Cysko Rokwel
04:00 – 05:00 – DJ Ktone
05:00 – 06:00 – DJ Low Key
06:00 – 07:00 – Mile High Soul Club
07:00 – 08:00 – boyhollow

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