"Described as "deliciously sweet Glo-Fi basement party jams," Denverites Ethan, and Alex are electro-pop duo Flashlights.

Known for their impressive live performances and light shows, Flashlights have been featured in NME's Buzzworthy Artists, named one of Westword Magazines 12 acts to watch in 2011, and have been playing high profile shows with the likes of Toro Y Moi, Youth Lagoon, and Miami Horror. With their continuous festival participation (SXSW, Westword, UMS, Goldrush, CMJ, Snowball, Treefort) as well as embarking on a West Coast tour this past fall, it's clear that Flashlights are among Denver's hardest working musicians.

As of this December, Flashlights have finished recording their follow up to last years "Hidden Behind Trees EP" - named one of Westword's best releases of 2011. This upcoming release entitled "So Close To Midnight" is a more dance-oriented collection out this spring via Holy Underground Recordings."

Wheelchair Sports Camp

"If there were ever a moment for a queer, disabled rapper with a love for pot, jokes, and revolution to be a star, the moment is now" - Village Voice

Wheelchair Sports Camp, the Denver based pseudo hip-hop band is Kalyn as MC/producer, Abi McGaha Miller as vocalist/saxophone, and brother Isaac as live rhythm. The band unknowingly started in the summer of 1997 when Kalyn moved back from Burbank, CA to her Denver hometown and was invited to attend and corrupt the 14th annual week-long Wheelchair Sports Camp. After meeting Abi and later brother Isaac in college, Kalyn combined talents to create a more live, jazzy, funky, combination to the traditional hip-hop group. The unconventional setup of live instruments and Kalyn's produced beats, presents a polished sound unique to the hip hop game with old-school lyrics that maintain a sarcastic yet independent and heavy consciousness. After playing for a few years around the Denver metro area, the group has been fortunate enough to share the stage with headliners and mentors like Salt-n-Pepa, Raekwon, Rahzel, Sage Francis and plenty more. The band has played outside home in places including New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New Mexico and continues to expand their fanbase in further markets.

Wheelchair Sports Camp persists to stay passionate about many causes, playing shows to raise money and awareness to support Occupy Wall Street (most especially Occupy Denver), prevent domestic violence, support LGBT youth and gay rights, support Haiti relief efforts, advocate an end to war, aid the homeless, promote global equality, and any other fight they can foster. Taking a nod from one of their favorite artists Radiohead, Wheelchair Sports Camp always has free or pay what you can CDs available at shows for fans. "If you can't afford music or food, steal it!" has been their motto since inception. Their goal is to spread their music like wildfire, and they encourage their fans to share and borrow creativity with hopes to conserve a free culture. To them, it's the only way to keep their music headed in the right direction without allowing money and greed to interfere with the creative process.

Sprung from the creatively fertile streets of Denver, Il Cattivo mixes its melodies with heavy rock, unsuspecting soul and promises nothing more than to get you moving.

Formed in 2009 with Brian Hagman (Black Lamb), Matt Bellinger (Planes Mistaken for Stars and Ghost Buffalo), Jed Kopp (Ghost Buffalo), and Holland Rock Garden (Machine Gun Blues) and after a string of revolving bassists, Matty Clark of Denver's Taun Taun stepped into play on their 2011 debut full length, To Bring Low an Empire.
After Empire's release in June, Il Cattivo went on a short midwestern tour with Peoria, Illinois' Lark's Tongue. In December of 2011, Matty Clark and Holland Rock Garden left the band to focus on other endeavors ushering in the newest Cattivos: Arj Narayan (Black Acid Devil) and Matt Cavanaugh (Burn Sand Burn) . The newly banded IL CATTIVO spent the subsequent months writing and writing in anticipation of recording again with the talented Chris Fogal at Black in Bluhm studios in April 2012.
With a new album in hand, Il Cattivo hopes to find both local and national support to help get their music to a wider audience. Much like the bands who inspired them and bands they've shared a stage with, Il Cattivo unapologetically bears their soul with every hard-hitting song. They are a band because they have to be - they weren't made for anything else.

Il Cattivo songs are an obvious catharsis, an exorcism, a sacrificial offering - a desperate way to wring out all of that love, hate, loneliness, passion and insanity that is worn on the sleeves of the hardened hearts.

Gustavo D'Arthenay, better known as Input, is a well-known Denver-based hip-hop artist. His unique blend of rhythm based music and direct lyrics – as well as his commitment to his fans – has made him one of Denver's most popular rappers and has helped him gain a devout local following.

First and foremost, Input is a music fan. His appreciation and passion for rap and hip-hop serve as the motivation behind his music. Input's goal is simple: to create music that people, as a whole, can appreciate and relate to; straightforward music that makes sense. He is known for his ability to pair unique beats with uncomplicated, personal lyrics – creating music that resonates with listeners.

Since his first album, Input has demonstrated the work ethic and artistic drive that has made him such a highly regarded artist. His release, "Elusive Candor," dropped in 2006 and marked an evolutionary shift into a new wave of hip-hop. In 2007, Input released "A Radio With Guts," which he followed up in 2008 with the fan favorite, "Pictureface." After a 30-city tour, he thanked his fans by releasing "Unreleased & Unrelenting" and "Lessons Learned" as free downloads.

Input has just released his new full-length album, "Left For Dead." The new album, which features several popular artists, is Input's first collaboration with producer Broken. Speaking to the new album, Input said, "I have explored my deepest emotions and demons to create something that I am more than proud of. This album will speak volumes of my personal growth and accomplishments over the past 5 years of music." With this highly anticipated album, Input is poised to become an internationally recognized artist – something that won't come as a surprise to his current fans.

Vale of Pnath

Vale of Pnath was formed by guitarist Vance Valenzuela, bassist Alan Parades, drummer Jeremy Portz and original vocalist David Lercher in Denver, Colorado in 2006. Shortly after establishing the lineup, they added guitar-guru Mikey Reeves to solidify the melodic and technical beast; afterward heading straight to Dave Otero's (Cephalic Carnage, Cobalt, The Breathing Process) Flatline Audio studios to record their four-track EP. Shortly after this self release effort, Tribunal Records got behind the EP and Vale of Pnath by re-releasing it where the group achieved mild popularity, garnered rave reviews from the technical and melodic death-metal community. After a month-long west coast tour, the band returned to Denver to work on new material. Due to complications, vocalist David Lercher was replaced with newcomer Ken Sarafin, who joined as the band signed with Willowtip records. The band released their first full-length, "The Prodigal Empire" on Willowtip records on August 9th, 2011.

Definition: The Vale of Pnath is a vast pit in the underworld.The vale is filled with a mountain-sized heap of bones and is the spot into which all the ghouls of the waking world cast the refuse of their feastings. Enormous worm-like creatures burrow through the vale and often carry helpless victims to the vale, where they are left to die.

Homegrown in Denver Colorado, Tatanka is a three-piece specializing in the sounds of dub, progressive reggae, and electro soundscapes. Heavy Caribbean drum and bass grooves provide the pulse for the party as the music invites you to get down and dirty. This trio of denver dub samurai's just recently released they re first studio E.P. entitled Sounds in Technicolor. Sounds in Technicolor has reached over 4,000 downloads through Tatanka's website and social networking sites. The release has been dubbed as drum and bass music for a new generation, a twist on new and old reggae riddim's and an instant classic. The pulsing basslines provided by Tatanka's Malonestar seem to rock the mind into trance while Champian's guitar work and The Mexico's hi-hat, snare and kick drum 4/4 playing styles pepper over the top of the album's four track's almost flawlessly.

Tatanka has shared the stage with many major national and international acts that include but are not limited to: Easy Star All-Stars, The Black Seeds, John Brown's Body, The Expendables, Groundation, Pretty Lights, Passafire and more. The Tatanka trio continues to push they're sound to the next level. Dub rock Syndicate recently gave the boys the title "the up and coming kings of dubtronic." Tatanka has now been touring for over two years and will continue to do so. ChampIAN, The Malonestar and The Mexico are all determined to bring the dub madness to a city near you. TATANKA MASSIVE!

Some might know Hypnautic from his most recent accomplishments, Winner of the 2010 westword Best Hip-Hop emcee, Denver State Of Mind remix that has been featured in rotation on Denver's local KS 107.5 radio, from his sell out shows at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center, housing over 3,000 fans for Halloween Bash 2009 and to ring in the New Year for 2010, or furthermore packing out the Gothic Theatre to almost full capacity of over 950 people and headlining the worlds largest 4/20 rally with over 20k heads. He simply attributes his success to hard work, great team (Top Fliteemp), good business and refreshing music.

Before the sold out shows, being featured on TV and radio, and opening up for seasoned artists such as Goodie Mob, Yuckmouth, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Pall Wall, Kris Kaliko and many others, Brian Godeaux, more commonly known to the public as Hypnautic, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. This is known to many who listen to the words he preaches as his pride and community loyalty is no secret. He has been an inspiration from the beginning, drawing people to him at a young age, even before the true dawning of his artistic ability. Attentive listeners have heard his story and have been inspired from an early age by his free spirited flows at house parties to passionate masterpieces influenced by tragedy. Two days before Hypnautic's high school graduation, his life was suddenly changed with the news of his closest childhood friend's sudden death during a tragic round of Russian Roulette. This devastation and many other close personal losses that followed in a domino effect inspired his transformation from a seemingly negative influence to his peers, to use his talent to be a positive influence, giving those around him, also struck by these losses, a beacon of hope. He did what he'd done his whole life, but on a new platform, he lead his friends and audiences to the realization that they will survive, they can get through anything and God gave us all a reason, it's just about finding ours. more info go to www.hypnautic303.com

The Dendrites

The Dendrites are an intsrumental mix of traditional vibes, and modern techniques. Through the roots and branches of long time friendships, this ensemble has joined together in the ever constant persuit of joy and unity through love and music. Dancing is release, music is communication, and the celebration is the revolution.

"The Methods" or Music That Heightens Different Senses are Rocky Mountain beat-dealers who combine booze soaked rock, street-wise hip-hop with a soulful over-the-top party groove. They have been blazing their way across the West Coast and will now take their assault global. Musically, MTHDS often draw comparisons to Sublime and Slightly Stoopid, but in their short history, they have shared the stage with artists as diverse as The Roots, Method Man, Collie Buddz, Ozomatli, Ludacris, Savoy, Rusko, Major Lazer, Talib Kweli, RJD2 and many more. They have appeared at notable ski competitions, the Honda Sessions and the Winter Dew Tour and countless other epic parties.

MTHDS just completed a solid tour with Chali 2na (Jurassic 5). Their new album "Trade" which includes features from Binary Star, Grouch & Eligh, & Chali 2na is expected for release in early 2012.

Native Daughters

Denver's Native Daughters aren't five guys who work at the same office, realized they all liked Isis, then decided to get together one weekend and jam. There were no record store flyers, no Craigslist ad, and certainly no "management" or marketing plan involved. As Mustangs And Madras ended, most of the band reformed as Native Daughters in 2010, later completing the lineup with guitarist Justin Hackl as his previous band–Only Thunder, met a similar fate.

While the band's instruments-to-singers ratio (5 to 0) obviously informs their sound, the drummers-to-guitarists ratio (2 to 2) is far more important. With two drummers each playing distinct parts, the songwriting process can be arduous. Try choreographing for two dancers both stomping as hard as they can with both feet, and you'll get the idea. But the rhythm section outnumbering the rest of the band has obvious advantages. Live, two drummers (both set up at the front of the stage) is a spectacle before a note is played. But once the set begins, it's much more than just that.

Native Daughters' sound packs many of the body blows from heavy, riff-based post-metal. But it also draws melodies and rhythmic tension from the cream of the mid-90s emo/post-punk crop. Think Christie Front Drive covering Kyuss after the PA has blown out, and you're on the right track. There are a few of the twinkly guitar leads and crushing breakdowns which are hallmarks of these divergent styles. But each are used as building blocks, not crutches or go-to elements. The middle ground between the two seems impossibly wide, but Native Daughters' sound sharpens it into something lethal. Equal parts blunt force trauma and tense, swirling heartbreak; you won't know what hit you, but you'll be glad that it did.

Prime Element

For any structure, the foundation upon which it is built is of the up most importance. Prime Element recently released their debut LP "Set In Stone", but by no means is this their base, it is merely one of the many building blocks the group has set upon their solid foundation of DJ Cysko Rokwel, Producer/Engineer Es-Nine and MC A.V.I.U.S.
The foundation has proven to be solid with all three men involved playing their respective roles to the T.

This group is working with three of the most talented young stars on the rise and the world may never be the same. The mix is as sweet as can be, putting the dominating skills of DJ Cysko Rokwel on the tables while A.V.I.U.S. adds prose sure to sharpen the hook. Es Nine brings it all together with a master's knowledge of the note and rhythm needed to make the masses sing. Prime Element has taken a long and storied road to reach this point, and now the stage is theirs to wreck.

Though only released in February 2009 Prime Element's "Set In Stone" has received countless accolades in

SP Double

HIP HOP IS ALIVE! Sp Double is a Denver based Emcee/producer. Fresh off of the "Lethal Weapon" album along side Focus... he is prepped to release the long awaited and groundbreaking album "Loyalty Honor Respect". Sp has worked with Industry heavyweights such as Focus..., Royce Da 5'9, Crooked I, Joe Budden, Rapper Big Pooh, Termanology, Statik Selektah, Strong Arm Steady, Chino XL, Copywrite etc.

Being hailed as "Denver's newest party band" is a hefty responsibility. Luckily, no task seems too great for Denver's 11-piece afrobeat outfit, ATOMGA to take on.

Founded in 2011, ATOMGA is already a planet-sized force taking the scene by storm. Using afrobeat as its foundation, the band is not afraid to take chances while staying true to their authentic roots--and it's working. When ATOMGA take
s the stage, it depicts organized chaos at its finest. With every performance, you get a 4-piece power-packed horn section, a steadfast percussion trifecta, a deep-groving rhythm section, and solid, engaging soloists. Every show turns into a booty-shaking dance party that leaves audiences exhausted from moving, but still craving more.

Over the past year, ATOMGA has supported Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, See-I (featuring members of Thievery Corporation), Juno What?!, The Pimps of Joytime and Balkan Beat Box. They have performed at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, The Boulder Theater, Belly Up - Aspen, Ullrs Tavern, Summit Music Hall, Desert Rocks Music Festival and are already becoming a staple in the Colorado and regional festival circuit. ATOMGA has received positive acclaim from publications including Denver Westword, Listen Up Denver, Intity Weekly and Mountain News Weekly.

ATOMGA continues to hone their craft with no inkling of complacency while continuing their "kick the audience in the face" momentum. With an unyielding desire to share the infectious energy their music has to offer, ATOMGA will continuously connect your mind, body and soul.

Spoke In Wordz

Earlier this year, rapper Spoke In Wordz was named Best MC in Westword's annual Best of Denver issue. Since then, he's joined local hip-hop group Infinite Mindz with KS107.5's DJ Chonz as the group's DJ. But even though the rapper is now part of group, it looks like it's not slowing down his solo efforts. He recently leaked a new song called "Look At Me," that we're not sure where it will appear. Is it on the upcoming Infinite Mindz album? Or a new Spoke In Wordz album? Maybe a mixtape? Regardless, the song shows that Westword was right in its assertion: he's definitely one of the Best of Denver.

Devan Blake Jones

Devan Blake Jones is a California born, Colorado raised jazz/soul singer who honed in on his crafts singing in the church. Growing up in Colorado, he went from singing in Colorado's all state jazz choir to recently, the American Idol Season 11, where he sinished Top 60 out of the 112,000 who initially auditioned this season, along side such talents as Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet.

Devan has been performing since he was a child and has performed on hundreds of stages including The Pepsi Center (singing the national anthem for the Denver Nuggets), opening up for Grammy award winning gospel legend CeCe Winans at Orchard Road Christian Center, singing as a lead vocalist for ATOMGA (12 piece afrobeat ensemble) at a sold out Boulder Theatre, and recently on the Las Vegas “Elvis” Cirque de Soleil stage for American Idol.

He is currently working as an artist with Mercury Sauce; A production and publishing company that prepare artists for their transition to major record labels. Devan is currently working on his first EP release, and has already released his first single entitled "Love Me Right" which was written by American Idol top 24 contestant and Denverite Julie Zorrilla, and multi-platinum, Grammy award nominated producer Nathan Reid (Brian Mcknight, Damien Marley, Jane Doed/Amanda Hawkins, Duncan).

This EP also features the very best in Colorado musicians including Yamaha drummer/clinician Tohbias Juniel (Flobots, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Bop Skizzum), jazz pianist Ronneka Cox, bass players Casey Sidwell (John Common) and Charles Parker Mertens (Future Jazz Project), and Berkley guitar performance graduate & local session stalwart Imkong Yaden (Pig Factory). Songs are being written and organically produced in the studio with live instrumentation and authentic delivery, much the same way records were made in the Motown era.

With a bright musical future, we hope that you will take part in his journey; his very first album and watching him perform it LIVE on stages that not only welcome his throwback interpretation of soul, gospel, and jazz influenced music, but encourage audiences to embrace the entire musical experience and participate in whatever way moves them on that particular evening.

“I came away thinking his was the best voice we heard on an episode where the judges seemed pretty easily pleased”. – Mark Franklin / Idol Chatter

Artists We Also Like
Amanda Hawkins, Julie Zorrilla, Johnny Keyser, ATOMGA, Anna Kaelin, Britnee Kellogg



Human Agency

Human Agency is a collective of artists and musicians formed by DJ/Producer Biorhythm (Ryan Kjos) & MC/Producer Dialogue (Seamus Moore). Emerging alongside the very recent surge of gifted Colorado based beat acts, they cultivate organically sampled production and rhythms, infusing them with a chemical twist. Now adding dance styles and instrumental performances to their arsenal, they are formless in style and pool listeners from many sounds. The group aims toward a collaborative stage effort to create a mixed media spectacle. The live performance is everything, and Human Agency seeks to constantly evolve their own.


experimental hip hop indie rap rock

Kitezh used to go by Barnacle. That band existed for around two years, and experienced some lineup changes. Kitezh is currently commited to providing intense metal to those that wish to listen. The Bible is a fable re-written by those that have held power enough to have spun such a needlessly irrelevant tale. Kitezh is invisible.


Mr. Midas

Mr. Midas is, as the name would imply, the man with the golden touch. Originally from Long Beach California, it would be life's experiences and changes that would turn him into the man who runs the town in Colorado. More than a rapper in name only, Midas touches on the story-telling and cultural necessity in rap often lacking in today's music.

Taking his experiences as the son of an addict, along with his propensity for strength and tenacity, rather than become overwhelmed with the hand he was dealt, Midas flipped the struggles in his life and displayed them as art. From the bottom up, and Son of the Crack Era was born.

What Midas has created with Son of the Crack Era, his latest release, is an album that tells not only his story, but the stories of many people whose lives are also shaped by hip-hop. Fashioning himself after the influences of the stories that drive his art, there is no glorification of the crack epidemic and its harshness, but an incredibly adept description of ghetto life.

On the whole, music has always been a part of his life, yet it is Jay-Z that quickens the inspiration for Midas. As a rapper, there is no mistaking the laid back, relaxed, confident flow Midas emits all throughout his career, and in the performance realm, there is a space of coolness the emcee lives in, which makes him all the more compelling.

The elements of rap that most define Midas on the whole are lyricism and creativity. He says he spends countless hours on each song to make sure his message is being conveyed articulately.

"I rarely say the same word twice in my music. I feel responsible to the great lyricists I grew up on such as Jay-Z, Ras Kass, Korupt, and Tupac Shakur, to uphold a certain standard."

Made up entirely of survival and determination, Mr. Midas is a well- rounded artist of the most creative proportions. Able to maneuver in and out of sentences with surprising dexterity, the mass appeal lies in hip-hop purity. Beats, rhymes and stature, with a touch of old school flow. Midas is a progressive voice in the ever changing soundscape of hip-hop, and a willful ambassador to the streets.


Vimana: The Metal Band. Featuring past and present members of Cephalic Carnage, Vale of Pnath, To Be Eaten and Swashbuckle.


Why try and write about it when this is all I would try to say...

The word "ambidextrous" is derived from the Latin roots ambi, meaning "both," and dexter, meaning "right" or favorable. Thus, "ambidextrous" is literally "right on both sides." Most often used to describe one who can write with both hands, the term used here as the immediate root of the album title describes the ability to operate in more than one category while maintaining one's original state.

The most notable characteristic is the back and forth between the two Colorado MC's. One acting as the builder of the concepts and the other as executioner, the two create a formula of lyrics and beats that tell a story we have all heard, albeit in different forms. Just as one writes with both hands, swift and smooth moves allow for role exchanging according to the story.

Seven tracks strong, 'Black Supa Heroes' serves as the icebreaker. Although the title suggests otherwise, this record does not paint the MC's with capes, powers or the traditional super hero elements. Keeping with the theme of playing both sides of the table, the concept is less "let us save your planet" as it is "come and live on our planet." Produced by Nigel One this is a solid track with an almost Black Sheep-ish 90's knock.

Both MC's have originality in tone, rhythm and verbiage lending credence to the stellar production by Gyp Da Hipp on what is arguably the strongest track, 'Druggernauts'. In NY, we call this I-95 music. The classic 808 and hand clap combination elicits the ultimate head nod only appropriate for tinted windows and left lane driving. The premise is not new but the directional manner in which Whygee and sunkenstate take the listener down the rabbit hole may have one checking for mind, body, and soul upon return.

There's a lot going on, from subject matter to production to the almost surprisingly out of place vocals of CharleyBrand on the OutKast homage of 'Whoody Also'. The vocalist/song writer provides a soulful seasoning completely unexpected if compared to the previous songs. Unexpected but a nice break in the flow of guttural theatrics, this track is another notch for the album's diversity and flexibility with creativity.


"Described as "deliciously sweet Glo-Fi basement party jams," Denverites Ethan, and Alex are electro-pop duo Flashlights.

Known for their impressive live performances and light shows, Flashlights have been featured in NME's Buzzworthy Artists, named one of Westword Magazines 12 acts to watch in 2011, and have been playing high profile shows with the likes of Toro Y Moi, Youth Lagoon, and Miami Horror. With their continuous festival participation (SXSW, Westword, UMS, Goldrush, CMJ, Snowball, Treefort) as well as embarking on a West Coast tour this past fall, it's clear that Flashlights are among Denver's hardest working musicians.

As of this December, Flashlights have finished recording their follow up to last years "Hidden Behind Trees EP" - named one of Westword's best releases of 2011. This upcoming release entitled "So Close To Midnight" is a more dance-oriented collection out this spring via Holy Underground Recordings."

Myke Charles

In a genre where many artists sacrifice substance for commercial appeal, Myke Charles strikes a delicate balance. This unique emcee/singer has the ability to provoke thought and still heat the club with his progressive yet classically influenced musical style. In his debut mix-tape, Lift Off, Myke showcases effortless charm and delivery through powerful lyrics. With energetic performances unrivaled in hip-hop, MC has shared the stage with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Flo Rida, Kid iNK, Chiddy Bang, and many more. Having gained national notoriety as the front man of 'Rapapella' sensation Urban Method on NBC's The Sing Off, the Denver native has drawn comparisons to Drake, Eminem and J. Cole.

Chris Mose, known best by his stage name Quiz, is an up and coming MC that resides in Denver, Colorado, signed to Elm&Oak Records. Having written poetry since gradeschool, Quiz's love for words met his love for music just before graduation - he recorded his first song and it has been nothing but a natural progression since.

Performing since 2004, Chris has shared the stage with Wiz Khalifa, RZA, Kool Keith, and Zion I, among countless others. With his past collaborative releases having seen high placement on the CMJ Hip Hop charts, Quiz Spits: Volume One, is the first in a series of free mixtapes showcasing Quiz's smooth vocal delivery and dynamic lyrical abilities paired with some of Denver's best producers.



City Hall Amphitheatre 12:00 – 12:30 – Devan Blake Jones 12:45 – 01:15 – Ten Pound Elephant 01:30 – 02:00 – Tatanka 02:15 – 02:45 – The Dendrites 03:00 – 03:30 – Atomga 03:45 – 04:15 – Wheelchair Sports Camp 04:30 – 05:00 – MTHDS 05:15 – 05:45 – BLKHRTS 06:00 – 06:30 – FLASH/LIGHTS 06:45 – 07:15 – Human Agency City Hall Street Level 12:00 – 12:30 – Quiz 12:40 – 01:10 – Whygee 01:20 – 01:50 – Mr. Midas 02:00 – 02:30 – Spoke in Wordz 02:40 – 03:10 – Hypnautic 03:20 – 03:50 – Input 04:00 – 04:30 – SP Double 04:40 – 05:10 – Myke Charles 05:20 – 05:50 – Pries 06:00 – 06:30 – Prime Element 06:40 – 07:10 – Stay Tuned City Hall Upstairs 12:00 – 12:30 – TBA 12:45 – 01:15 – TBA 01:30 – 02:00 – Burial Plot 02:15 – 02:45 – Native Daughters 03:00 – 03:30 – Kitezh 03:45 – 04:15 – In the Company of Serpents 04:30 – 05:00 – Il Cattivo 05:15 – 05:45 – IAMTHESHOTGUN 06:00 – 06:30 – Vale of Pnath 06:45 – 07:15 – Vimana Crookers Afterparty tickets:

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