Featuring Deb Oh & the Cavaliers

Featuring Deb Oh & the Cavaliers

Intricately epic, viscerally cerebral: Deb Oh & the Cavaliers are a powerful study in contrasts. With orchestral, piano-driven arrangements that have grown fiercer over time, this 7-piece band boasts a singular sound led by Deb Oh's equally singular voice - a subtle mix of soul and sheer drive. Deb Oh & the Cavaliers released their debut EP, 'Hieroglyphs' in April 2013.

Miko & The Musket

Initially conceived by guitarist and singer-songwriter Miko de Leon, Miko & The Musket has established its identity as an indie music ensemble, balancing dynamic instrumentation with rich vocal harmonies that have become a trademark quality. With each individual of the band coming from a specific musical background, this group has found success in writing a diverse catalog of music. Overall, Miko & The Musket strives to expand the current parameters of popular music, from folk/rock/R&B/pop and further.


Alpenglow began in a small Vermont town when founding members Peter Coccoma, Graeme Daubert, Elori Kramer, and Kenneth Root shared songs in an old stone mill. Over the next two years, after adding bassist Colin Weeks, Alpenglow transformed original songs rooted in the folk tradition into a collection of finely crafted arrangements that are sprawling, moody, and wholly their own. Their music has been described as "swooning, harmony-laden stuff…laced with arcing fiddle, shimmering keys and healthy doses of ringing guitar punch." A hilltop chapel is both the inspiration and recording site for their forthcoming album. Their songs send listeners home to sleep soundly, knowing that somewhere, a resounding calm lies over the countryside.

DJ Pumpkin Patch

Over the past 10 years, Pumpkin Patch has been destroying dance floors across the country, focusing his devastation on the filthy floors of NYC. Party music is his area of expertise, making people dance and groove to house, disco, 90s hits, and whatever else gets booties moving.

Pumpkin has also been working as a producer, putting his magic touch on a number of remixes and bootlegs. His first official release came out in the spring of 2010 on Young Robots, and he has since put out an EP on the label titled Grooveberry Jam.

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