Ch!nc!lla, The White Lights, Kenny Colors and Astro Jets, Dallas Heron, Boss Carrot


Combining electronica, funk, reggae, dance, rock and hip-hop, the band delivers a high-energy, DJ inspired sound with heavy emphasis on melodic improvisation and experimentation.

The White Lights

Kenny Colors and Astro Jets

Bringing new and entertaining Dance, Rock, Hiphop, and R&B Music. Featured in 3 songs on “Techno Dance Trance” album by Chris Star released in 2008. Solo CD project,”Samurai Sounds,” placed 3rd in the Kawasaki Music Contest in 2007. A few songs have been converted into ring tones for Docomo and KDDI. Also, his music has received airplay on Japanese Radio on NACK5 79.5FM, Kawasaki FM, and Rainbow FM. In 2010, Colors released his 1st Japanese EP “Sending Love,” and in 2012 he released his 1st English EP “Odyssey.” In 2013, he is currently working on solo, duo, and group projects.

Dallas Heron

A truly unique experience, both foreign and familiar at once, Heron and his music will envelope you in lush soundscapes, and make you forget how easily he's able to construct these wandering dreams....Deli Magazine NYC

Boss Carrot


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