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Snuffaluffagus (Record Release Show)

Throughout the storied musical history of Snuffaluffgus, principal songwriter/mastermind Chris Braciszewski has dabbled in everything from folk tales involving human and animal connectivity (Aminals), Brazilian tropicalia and bossa nova movements (Brazil Wood Poetry), and free form jazz explorations (Magical Realism). Functioning both as conceptual creation and collective collaboration, Snuffy has played host to a revolving door of musicians and innovators, all the while keeping Braciszewski as its singular, spiritual center. Each release has shown Braciszewski and company stretching the limits of genre and space to create wholly new experiences at each turn.

On their latest effort, Port of the Galaxy, Snuffaluffagus take on themes both unanswerable and universal, involving deep space and human existence. The eight song synth odyssey will take listeners on a futuristic, meditative journey that flashes from apocalyptic dread ("Epoch Calypso") to exuberant wonder ("So Say So"). Taken as a whole, Port of the Galaxy may be the band's most realized and expansive effort. We are excited to release this intergalactic collection on digital and vinyl formats.

Mantle Sound Core

Mantle Sound Core started in 2011, touring the West coast with a collection of analog synthesizers and drum machines. The shows were an explosion of boombox art installations, interactive graphics, live soundtrack composition, 8-bit ataris and nintendos.

Two tours later MSC met russian singer/artist Anastasia Gera, captivated by her alluring vocals & songwriting skills. They've teamed up to create a dazzling new array of intense analog scrambled visuals, glitch sound textures combined with pop power, subtle jazz r&b flavours. Sexy dark night lounge atmospheres with an immense blend of electronic beats

City and The Sea

Live, loud, melodic and fiercer than ever, City and The Sea are sporting a new lineup, new songs and a fresh attitude. After several years in the live circuit and three releases, for all intents and purposes, City and The Sea is a brand new band.

The live show has never been tighter or more engaging, from the howl of Jon Daly's lead guitar to the soulful lead vocals of Nick Cino. Dave Marini is the band's heart on the bass, and new addition Joe Piccolo has given the band new life behind the skins. The new songs tackle themes of change, escape, identity, and aliens. Lots of aliens.

The band is currently in the studio recording a new EP set for a September release.

Tucker Jameson

Where were you when Napster slammed the coffin lid shut on the old-school music business? Tucker Jameson was writing songs in his suburban Connecticut bedroom and playing guitar till his little 10-year-old fingers ached or his mother commanded, "Lights out!" While his classmates pored over Harry Potter books or glued their thumbs to Nintendo games, Jameson scrutinized the liner notes to Revolver and Nevermind.

Jameson is part of the first post-CD generation, yet he's steeped in the rock classics that form a necessary foundation for anyone hoping to build a music career lasting longer than the blink of a YouTube video.

After some early adventures in recording, Jameson toured the country and landed in Austin, determined to use his rock appreciation and Berklee-honed skills to write modern songs that speak to his own generation. He spent a year working in the studio, finally emerging with a group of tunes that unequivocally achieve his goal. "Son of Superbia," "Technological Warfare" and "Ritalin" couldn't have been written in the '60s or the '90s, but they contain the kind of power-pop songcraft that fans of any rock era can identify with.

Jameson says Austin's high-tech smarts and legendary music culture make it the perfect place for his musical pursuits. And the veteran musicians kickin' it at Stubb's, Emo's and the Continental Club offer a constant source of inspiration for the new kid in town.

But he could use some suggestions about where to find the best barbecue in the Capital City. Or better yet, be a friendly Texan and show him the way.

Easy Chords

You wonder where we’ve been. We just recorded a new hit album and when we played it for the executives it set fire to the building. So, we can’t deliver you the new music. Because, it might melt down your buildings. It might set fire to your stereo and burn all of your buildings. We can’t play you the new music. Because, it might burn down your stereo.


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