a young man, presents himself on stage with an inspiring fortitude that he turns into skillful guitar playing accompanied by harmonic singing.

His grandfather, a well-known European artist, arranger, and composer, who was the leader of the radio big band in former East Germany taught him to play the piano. Little „J.Stone“ was only 5 years old then. Henceforth he started performing and studying the field, and began to live music.

He has toured across Europe, in the US, and Indonesia.
He played a range of different instruments on several records for local bands in Germany, accompanied Lionel Richie on national television and supported "The Hollies"
in front of 10 000 people.

His inspiration derives from traditional American music, such as Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard.

“The world has a lot of interesting and inspiring music to offer, but the stuff that really get's me is originated in the US. That’s where it all comes together. Different cultures melt into one, and beautiful music such as gospel, country music, bluegrass, jazz, soul, and most importantly blues arises.“

With a brand-new album, he now returns to the „land of music“ presenting an innovative way of blending American folk music influences with his words and sounds, thus putting a unique European spin on it.


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