Independence Eve Massacre

Sired by Classic Rock and Modern Metal ancestors, Tattermask of Charlotte, NC, commingles melodic relics of Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Boston, and Whitesnake with modern riffage akin to Disturbed, Alter Bridge, Evanescence, and Sevendust to forge a fresh sound in the mire of mainstream active rock. Driven by dual lead guitarists Josh Wright and Travis Dry; powered by tight, expressive rhythms from Adam Blackmon on drums & Harley Quinn on bass; and garnished with vocals from Amanda Caines that go from Pat Benatar to Adele to Evanescence at the drop of a hat, sonic variety is the ultimate goal of Tattermask's catalogue of original tunes.
“A top, top band. Every track is well constructed and is built by layers upon layers of solid riffs, thunderous drums and those damn good, addictive vocals.” - Dave,

Listeners from Finland to Japan to Australia enjoy the band's singles "No More" and "Asylum" on Spotify, iTunes, and a variety of radio outlets, while audiences across the Southeastern United States rave about the on-stage energy and party atmosphere of Tattermask's live shows.
“I have listened to the band many times since I started The Pit Unsigned, but being able to see them live brought chill bumps to my arms.It was like finally getting to meet a band you really love to listen to, for the first time and being STARSTRUCK.” - Brian Hatchell, The Pit Unsigned

Though Tattermask's claim to fame on their home turf is their knack for putting on creatively themed party shows, the band is no stranger to charitable causes and often donates performances to environmental charity shows, cancer victim benefit shows, and other philanthropy events. The band even organizes its own annual charity show called "Hooterfest" which features rock bands with at least one female member and benefits North Carolina-based Carolina Raptor Center's orphaned owlet fund.

Even some of the national and regional bands for whom Tattermask has been an opening act have paid the band unexpected post-show compliments, such as Righteous Vendetta, Taproot, Soil, Straight Line Stitch, Lacuna Coil, and Eye Empire. Anticipation builds among fans and media for the release of the band's next EP recorded with producer/engineer Cory Plaugh (Weaving The Fate, Crossfade). Once the EP is finished, the band plans to take its live show on the road to meet new fans in the Southeast region and play some conferences and festivals in 2015.

Behind Tattermask's somewhat serious musical exterior lurks a silly side, which the band expresses through a series of ridiculous narrative webisodes on YouTube, Photoshop mash-ups on Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram photos of their off-stage antics. Fans who meet the band at a show or follow them on social media say the band's quirky personality leaves a lasting impression beyond the music itself.
"You can clearly tell that you are all a little close knit family on and off stage." --Aron Acosta, Tattermask fan

Tattermask invites hard rock fans, local music aficionados, and skeptics alike to give the band a chance to delight you at a live show or with a song or two on iTunes or Amazon. The band and their musical colleagues might just change some opinions about what unsigned music sounds like.

tat * ter * mask. n. An emotional facade put forth to hide one's true feelings.

Butterfly Corpse

Forgive Me Not

Forgive Me Not was formed by guitarist Christ Tipple and vocalist Bri Mytrysak in 2011. After recording some homemade demos, they were put in touch with Mark Smith of Deadstar Blues through a mutual friend. After initially agreeing to record and produce the band, Mark ended up joining full-time as bassist. The lineup was completed when drummer Jedd Lygre, freshly back in the States after years in Europe, happened to meet the band through sheer luck by way of an online ad. The four members, while having very diverse musical influences and backgrounds, found that they gelled well together and quickly began writing songs and playing shows around the Charlotte area. Never wanting to sound cliche or ordinary, Forgive Me Not puts a large focus on melody, lyrics, and the occasional odd movement in their music.

Currently, Forgive Me Not is in the process of recording material for a 2013 release.

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