Die Sektor, Frontal Boundary, Cobalt Core

Die Sektor

2013 finds Die Sektor putting the final touches on a new studio album titled ‘(-) existence ‘. The new album has been touted as the final chapter in ‘The Void Trilogy’ made up of ‘ASIAV’ and ‘TFES’. Die Sektor is preparing to unleash ‘(-) existence, claiming it to be their most accessible, experimental, darkest, emotional and complex work yet. (-) existence is a true concept album that follows the protagonist down a path of internal division and self destruction. Look for Die Sektor to bring their live show to your city in 2013 and prepare to enter the void.

Frontal Boundary

Frontal Boundary started as the solo project of BrendinR. 2013 has seen the addition of Elijah S. Arms (Vicious Alliance) to the project as a permanent member. Their music mixes Industrial, EBM, and synth-pop enveloping harsh vocals, melodic leads, and hard beats. Frontal Boundary just wrapped up playing God Module's Empath 2.0 tour in March 2013. They've also secured a spot at Montreal's Kinetik Festival 5.5 in May 2013. Electronic Warfare V.2, the official release of the reworked self released demo was released February 27, 2013 on Beyond Therapy Records.

Cobalt Core

Cobalt Core is a project that started in 2003 from the mind of Jeremy Lee, and tapping the creative talents of Robert Snyder, Jon Hadley, Bob Macko, and recently Michael Mays.

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