Poor Man's Change

Poor Man's Change

Poor Man’s Change is a modern day Robin Hood for the ears. Taking and incorporating styles of hip hop, rock, reggae, blues and country. Their unique sound has casted the first stone toward the conventional music scene. With the statement “There is no genre it’s just music”, it is conceivable that the four Orange County natives have laid a new foundation for the way music is played, created, and heard. The variety of influence allows the band to be well versed in all aspects of music while maintaining a trademark sound.

Poor Man’s Change plants heavy roots within fans, communities, and new listeners. The music is well grounded and provides an honest account to the life and journey of the bands songwriter, lead singer, and rhythm guitarist Rob Page. “I once heard that there’s still room in life for honest things, this inspired and allowed me to connect with people on a personal level as well as musically" says Rob. Songwriting became a way to separate from the negativity that surrounded his youth. Early influence and teaching from neighbor and longtime friend Josh Quiroz would ultimately play a large role in Rob’s musicianship. His songwriting would later showcase raw forms of underground hip hop, reggae, old time rock and roll, and the grit of country and western music. Collectively, styles were applied and arranged to create the band’s current, music and lyrical sound.

In late 2011, Rob would meet Cory “Soul Train” Anderson, a fifteen year drummer/percussionist from Tustin, CA. A few beers around a camp fire and a forty five minute jam session was all that was needed to form the band Poor Man’s Change. Cory says “my father was a drummer, so it felt natural to start playing the drums.” Self-taught early on, he would emulate the rhythmic techniques and compositions of legendary father and drummer Cary Anderson, Cory would later refine his sound and playing style with help from Kofi Baker and other influences, eventually solidifying his place as the rhythm and soul of Poor Man’s Change.

Andrew “Birdshot” Ballenger met Rob Page by chance through a mutual friend in Fullerton, CA during the summer of 2012. Andrews’s heavy straight forward bass riffs were an exceptional complement to the music played by Rob page and Cory Anderson at the time. “I heard a new sound and wanted to get involved” after the initial introduction, three days would pass before he would play his first show with the band. Rob says “Andrew grabbed life by the beard when he joined PMC. His musicianship and strong business sense is the heartbeat of the group.” Having ten plus years of playing in other bands, touring and singing with a label, Andrew Ballenger continues to showcase key attributes of a great musician while maintaining a forward progression in regards to the music.

Poor Man’s Change was reduced to a trio after the departure of their first
lead guitarist. The group would eventually turn to John “Jonny Boy” Lovero, an accomplished guitarist and singer of another local band, to take lead. John would later say, “Poor Man’s Change induced a melodic conversation between my guitar and their sound. I couldn’t help but answer back.” And answer back he did, John’s smooth and intricate playing style cooperatively enriched each musical composition from start to finish. Eight years and countless hours later John Lovero is a cool drink of water to the thirsty fans of Poor Man’s Change.

We would like to give a special thank you to our family and friends for your love, support and belief in our music. Shout out to Rick Renear, Jamie Anderson, Derrick Fletcher and Beth Hornbarger for their countless hours of hard work. Also to Ford Drums, Tank Farm clothing, and all the local venues that have opened their doors to our band and allowed us to continue to grow. Thank you all!
(Poor Man’s Change)

Guy James

From my secret hideout north of Barcelona I create sonic and visual content to charm your senses. Stratospheric Analogue Juice: a direct injection of energy into your heart.

A big YES to the good dreams, the juiciness, the lovers, the infinity, the luxury, the magick, the why-not squad, the opportunists, the genii, the includers, the friends, the laughing, the Impossible.

An antidote to the fakes, the naysayers, the X-Factory, the pain bodies, the churnalists, the f-u crew, the liars, the seriousness, the media whores.

Chris Holt

Chris Holt is an aspiring young musician. Talented in many different aspects, Chris knows what he wants and works very hard to make it happen. Keep checking out the page for more updates on his music, etc.
Watch out for Chris, his name will be out there very soon!



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