Brutal Juice

Brutal Juice is a self-proclaimed "acid punk" (LSD-influenced hardcore and prog-rock) band from Denton, Texas.

The band formed in 1990. The band initially met in the music school at the University of North Texas. Brutal Juice officially disbanded in February 1997, although they held several reunion concerts between 2000 and 2012, which have usually taken place at Fry Street Fair in Denton. They officially reformed in 2012 and are working on a new album. The release date and title of the new album have not yet been announced. However, they have released a new song ("Private Hell") via their official website.

Numerous shows have been done in between the official breakup and the official regrouping. To date, all of these shows have been in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and Austin.


BOBGOBLIN's first release under the moniker in 14 years is their most intricate and towering tapestry of rock to date, even when including the band's epic-minded AOJ records preceding this new release. LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST is the group's best example yet of their satirically biting, angular and precise, melodically hook-laden power-pop, perfectly combining the energetic post-punk elements of their early BOBGOBLIN material and the vibrant colors from their new wave-influenced, melodic, and theatrical AOJ cuts. BOBGOBLIN is suited up to return for action once again. Indeed it's been a long time, but with this record, the group show no signs of relinquishing their will to rock! Stream Part I of "Love Lost for Blood Lust" in the sidebar player or HERE to check out the tunes, or go directly to the OFFICIAL STORE to download the record.


Alumni from different corners of Deep Ellum in Dallas Tx.
Hess, then Black. Guitar. Drums. Create. Record. Then Gruber. '09. Then Busby. Thunder. Now Descender.

Here Holy Spain

The following verbal pieces best capture what we are all about:

"oh, you like [insert 90's/00's indie rock/punk band] too?"
"you guys are great" (unless you're not)
"what time is load-in?"
"did we get drink tickets?"
"I want [insert food]"
"this next song is about that."
"::Creed voice:: Yessayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!"



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