Plague the West : Apparitions, Mouth of the serpent


Apparitions is a metal band from Phoenix, AZ. Started by members of Knights Of The Abyss, Griffin Kolinsk, and Brian Mcnulty, along with Winston Weems (Giants Among Us) back in Spring 2011 as a side project, the band has turned into something they want to pursue in a more serious effort. They released an EP in December 2011 "The Human Collapse" with vocalist Griffin Kolinski at the engineering helm, and mixing/mastering duties handled by Joshua Wickman at Dreadcore Productions (Within The ruins, And Hell Followed With, Knights Of The Abyss) out of Detroit, MI. The collaborative effort for the album artwork was done by Merek Davis and Daniel Wagner. The band will be expected to release another EP this Fall/early Winter(2012) and has hopes of hitting the road soon there after.

Mouth of the Serpent

Mouth of the Serpent was formed in Los Angeles California in mid-2007, and since have been cutting out a unique place for themselves in the Los Angeles metal scene. The band blends elements of metal core and death metal with the melodic ways of prog. Their debut album, "Inception" was released in May 2010, and their sophomore effort, "Manifest" was released January 10, 2012, on Swimming With Sharks Records. Mouth of the Serpent will be embarking on their first national tour this summer!

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