Kickin' it old school.


EUSH creates baroque-pop, experimental-rock, alt-country, mysterious-sea-shanty's. Their debut album ‘TREE’ is now available via Bandcamp.

EUSH combine classic song writing with experimental sound aesthetics. Blended with a deep respect for the abstract, wrapped in a pop song, with meditative vocals that melt into nebulous harmonies and undulating rhythms evoking the warm, primitive colours of dusk.

The flowing, layered sound of EUSH is created by its founder, Sean van Doornum.

Greatness is great, but greyness is more subtle. It’s the half-formed thought you have at the back of your mind. The name you almost remember. The vague recurring dream.

"...evokes something akin to Rachels jamming with Radiohead and Kate Bush and all that the pairing might contain."
- Musiczeitgeist Indie Artist Of The Month
"EUSH pulls us in, hypnotised and another land, nightmarish and abstract but somehow you don’t want to leave. Not yet, until the story ends."
- The Orange Press Q&A

"They will surely dim the lights and leave you wandering in the dark and getting lost in their songs."

- John Ritchie,

"Complexly structured, dark pop. With Zeppelin-y eastern tinges...reaching for Jeff Buckley or Thom Yorke."

- Clare Fletcher, The Drum Media

It's Official

The Bob Ross of Electronic Music. "It's Official" hunts down those "happy mistakes" in music and exploits them to create unique sonic experiences.



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