Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

Arising from the fertile grounds of the Atlanta music scene when three Athens/Atlanta musicians joined forces with a transplant from Knoxville, Jake & the Beanstalk has quietly crafted their sound, blending an eclectic mix of blues and rock, with an itch for improvisation.

The band pushes the envelope by digging deeper into the vault for material rather than playing the same overplayed covers bar bands have worn out for decades, treating listeners to a refreshing and entertaining live music experience.

Anchored by the tight rhythm section of Jeremy Friedman and Cary Dunning on drums and bass, Jordan Lee and Jake Moore utilize a dual guitar attack to shape and color a unique hybrid of bluesy rock and psychedelic funk.

With a healthy arsenal of original music and cover tunes culled from the artists they admire, Jake & the Beanstalk always bring their passion for playing and the party to their listeners.



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