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The Soft White Sixties

San Francisco's The Soft White Sixties are a hard-driving, original rock and roll band that delivers R&B grooves and pop hooks with the transformative power of raw soul.

"Maximum R&B is what was used to describe The Who back in their prime, and Bay Area boys The Soft White Sixties are prime candidates to take that description as their own...the quintet are laying down a sinfully soulful rock sound that always goes down smooth."
- Andrew Pohl, Noise Pop

"Attendees who bump the seminal Nuggets garage rock compilations might suggest that a concoction of fun-loving, acid-tinged soul and bluesy guitar-rock co-indicates, on paper, gleefully chaotic and uneven musicianship. Perish the thought: the Sixties mold their muse into a modern soul-rock machine via a tight performance unencumbered by the large accompanying volumes of booze...Beyond the swamp-rock odes and sunny psychedelic blues, these guys were obviously having fun getting their work done."
- Mike Orne, SF Weekly

The Big Motif

The Big Motif are a Colorado band consisting of Tony Pacello on guitar and vocals, Hunter Roberts on bass, and Jeff Jani on drums. Formerly called The Runnin Wild Band, in September 2009 the guys decided on a name change that better represented the direction they were going musically, and The Big Motif was born. Now 6 years into playing with each other, this young group has molded a sound that combines elements of blues, rock, reggae, jazz, and a host of other influences that transcends an upbeat and groovy sound appealing to both younger and older music fans alike.

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