DrinkDeeply's Singer Songwriter Showcase

DrinkDeeply's Singer Songwriter Showcase

A monthly showcase featuring local and touring acts, presented by DrinkDeeply.

Ben Erickson

Ben has been making music with a bunch of different projects for about the last 15 years. Started out in the garage in Connecticut playing punk rock and Nirvana, then branched out into noise rock, metal, electro-sleaze, and other extreme sounds. Ben has been all around the East Coast and beyond with my many bands. Through it all he's always loved writing a simple song on the acoustic with a good chorus and evocative lyrics. Over the years he's amassed a pretty broad catalog of "folk" tunes with elements of country, blues, punk, goth, pop, and whatever else has piqued his interest at the time. Enjoy 🙂

Mark Ferraro

(This Time Down), (00D), (Lonesome George) Back and forth between Los Angeles and Connecticut, Mark now resides in New Haven and is looking to form a band, for now he performs solo. Influences include: Deftones, Tool, The Doves

The Business People

We were born from the Goddess of the heavens, quadruplets. As we grew, our mother knew all too well that our gift should be used for more than our own amusement. With that, we were cast into the Piedmont of North Carolina to once again find each other; to create the music we were destined to share with the world.



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