The Royal Wigs

The Royal Wigs

An alt-country Americana supergroup of sorts, the Royal Wigs -- bassist J. Scott McClintock from the Great Lakes Myth Society; singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe Black from Girls Like Cigarettes; drummer Frank Corl from Seldon Plan; and singer and guitarist Ralph Rodriguez from Agents of the Sun -- already had a long and illustrious indie pedigree when they joined forces.

Named after a wig store Black used to live near in New York City's East Village, the band recorded its debut five-song EP at Orion Studios in Baltimore, Maryland; entitled Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues, the EP was released in December of 2012. --Steve Leggett, ALLMUSIC GUIDE

NATIONAL SUPPORT: Previously, members of The Royal Wigs have opened up for or toured with such diverse acts as Dada, 311, Cage the Elephant, Longwave, Patti Smith, Of Montreal, British Sea Power, L.A. Guns, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, GWAR, Jawbreaker, The Cringe, Fuel, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Avail, Mary Lou Lord, The Spin Doctors, Angie Aparo, The Roots, Train Wreck (Kyle from Tenacious D), Local H, Tidewater Grain, Senses Fail, Love Automatic, Trapt, Staind, Papa Roach, The Sea, Gary Lucas’ Gods and Monsters, The Homosexuals, Porcupine Tree, SR71, and many others. Band members have also played all the major music conferences to include SXSW and CMJ as well as toured nationally.

"4.5 / 5 STARS - White Line Fever is a song with all the elements to be a hit in the country charts...if you enjoy old-time country rock, i.e. nothing to do with Taylor Swift or many of these modern pop country artists, this album is for you..." VENTS MAGAZINE

"'5 / 5 STARS - Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues’ is one hell of a first effort! The recording features five songs that all stand out in their own right, showcasing elements of country, indie roots, alternative and even pop, which definitely screams Americana. On the track “Oh, My Soul” so much damn feeling is hitting you all at once, so much power & emotion slapping you around from all directions that its like a Mack truck full of Royal Wigs heading straight toward you! The 5-track recording ends on a very touching note that will impact the listener for sure and will leave them wanting more. The audience will be applauding The Royal Wigs and a finish like this deserves a standing ovation & curtain call..." JIMMY RAE'S MUSIC BLOG

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