The Bobbleheads

The Bobbleheads

The Bobbleheads are an indie “sunshine pop” band, based in San Francisco, CA who have been recording and performing since 2003.

The Relatives

New York 3-piece The Relatives play a moving (and grooving), lo-fi folk rock, full of depth, wit and respectful nods back in music history.

Agony Aunts

What happens when indie-pop magicians KC Bowman, Karla Kane, Khoi Huynh, and Charlie Crabtree of The Corner Laughers form a mysterious psychedelic side project? They incorporate the impeccable songwriting, layered harmonies and inventive arrangements Corner Laughers fans know and love and add alter egos, flights of fancy, distinctly weird touches and a galaxy of friends-as-guest-stars including Gil Ray (Game Theory, The Loud Family), Anton Barbeau (Three Minute Tease) and Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels). In the grand tradition of XTC’s Dukes of Stratosphear, the result is Agony Aunts and they’ve come to blow your mind.

Critics called their 2010 debut “Greater Miranda” “brilliantly, wonderfully twisted stuff ... pure pop perfection” (Musoscribe). With their new record, “Big Cinnamon,” the enigmatic supergroup continues the tradition of kaleidoscopic, mind-bending melodies and genre-defying sounds first encountered in “Greater Miranda” but take a step further toward the goal of making the world a trippier place with their singular blend of bubblegum-meets-rock opera. There’s something for every listener: 60s sunshine chamber pop (“Twenty-four Mergansers”); Satanic show tunes (“Big Cinnamon”); smooth yacht rock (“You’re So Vague”); post-ironic anthems (“Cool Fresh Nights”); evangelistic psych-country (“Trouble Was Born”) and all places in between.

Agony Aunts are part of Northern California’s Mystery Lawn Music, the eclectic-yet-ever-infectious record label/collective that has in recent years released The Orange Peels’ “Sun Moon,” The Corner Laughers’ “Poppy Seeds,” and Alison Faith Levy’s “World of Wonder,” among others.

With no desire to shy away from bombast, Agony Aunts’ “Big Cinnamon” swirls around cosmic themes, revisionist history, universal questions and epic adventures. Push play and enjoy the journey.

Butch Berry

Stormy Strong

Sinking  in  deep  with  an  unforgettably  addictive  sting,  Stormy  Strong's (real  name)  unique  brand  of  "alternative  saltwater  rock"  casts  razor sharp  hooks  to  the  hungry  masses.  Stormy's  honest  bitter  lyrics,  raw emotion  and  anthemic  melodies  splice  seamlessly  with  award  winning song-­writing  that  is  fast  approaching  gale-­force  intensity.

Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands

Sean O'Brien is the original singer in the California band TRUE WEST. He ha also performed with DENIM TV and The MARIETTAS. He now performs as a solo artist and with his permanent band, The Dirty Hands. Solo CDs include Too Personal; Seed of Mayhem, Goodbye Game, The Drug of Memory and last year's Future Harvest. Sean is currently working on his next album for release in 2014.

Sarah Petrella

From a very young age, musical theatre gave Sarah the greatest opportunity to gain exceptional performing skills and constant practice of her writing abilities. While she performed consistently in both California and New York, Sarah never left her songwriting behind. She made her way to Nashville at just 15 years old, where she wrote and recorded with several prominent musicians including famed songwriter, Don Goodman. From that point on, Sarah continued to pursue a very successful career in musical theatre, but kept coming back to songwriting, which is now her full time artistic endeavor. As Sarah says, “Songwriting is my true love and passion.”

Sarah’s songs break the barriers of being genre-specific, and one can hear elements of pop, rock, folk, and even some country in her tunes. She notes influences as diverse as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Sara Bareilles in her music. Of the two original tracks, “Summer” and “Time Stands Still,” she claims the latter as her personal favorite because her younger sister made lyrical contributions to the song, and she considers it a great bonding moment in their relationship. KCRW, one of the most influential stations in the United States for independent music, says of Sarah: “She goes from light fun, to Broadway, to alt-folk rock in just three cuts-- Petrella is a musician in the fullest sense of the word.


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