French Boutik, Preoccupied Pipers

French Boutik

French Boutik are a Paris based “pop moderniste” quintet. Although they are clearly 1960’s influenced, this combo takes the moderniste part of their tagline seriously and avoids retro déjà vu, offering up a delightful original concoction of classic pop melodies, harmony drenched male/female vocals, a soupçon of swirling organ, and sharp French and English lyrics inspired by heroes such as Jacques Dutronc and Ray Davies but firmly planted in the present.

French Boutik's debut 7" Les Chats de Gouttière (copaseDisques 2012) made quite a stir on the independent music scene, receiving rave reviews internationally: "Never has French pop sounded quite so good ... Quite simply, it’s stunning" (Pennyblack-UK) - “This EP is a refreshing blast from across the English Channel" (New Untouchables Nutsmag-UK) - “The title may mean “ordinary cats” but this is not an everyday release” (Record Collector-UK)” - "As perfect pop music is timeless, this record is a must-have and not just for the retro fan" (Dynamite-Germany). “a freshness of inspiration and execution that is good for the spirit” (Distortioni Net – Italy)–“ impressive and delicious four songs are sure to arouse much interest (Nos Somos Las Muertos – Spain) – “Listen….and you will be conquered” (Scootitude – France) – “they deliver exactly what the doctor ordered – sensible pop for this day and age (Sussed – Ireland)

They have just finished recorded a new double 7”, Ici Paris, which will be out on copaseDisques in September 2013. Outside of frequent live dates in Paris and elsewhere in France, they have performed at the IPO Liverpool and the New Untouchables ZooZoo Club in London as well as Spain and Germany. The International Pop Overthrow in San Francisco will be French Boutik’s first show as a full group in the United States.

Preoccupied Pipers

Hope Chest

The Clarences

The Clarences were hatched by Robert A. Medeiros in Oakland, California. He was traumatized because Mego never made a Green Lantern action figure. Then, he met Leslie Outhier at a Canadian bunny farm. After that, he met Erin Shannon at a reading aboard a b-52. Together, they are The Clarences!

Sea Dramas

The music of Sea Dramas ranges from hazy folk with pensive melodies to 60’s-inspired, echo-laden pop that melds genres with swirling, dreamlike qualities.

Based in San Francisco, Sea Dramas began as a voyage in audio recording by Scott Pettersen (songwriting, vocals, guitar, banjo, etc). A rotating cast of musicians lent their talents to a substantial collection of demos and through this process a full fledged band has emerged — the potent ensemble of Ted Kamp (drums), Dwayne Anderson (electrical guitar), Marlaina Rae (vocals, keyboard), and John Mulhausen (bass).

Soft Wake, the band’s debut LP, was recorded September 2012 at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, California with producer Patrick Brown and self-released in February 2013.


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