Mucca Pazza

Mucca Pazza is the marching band that thinks it's a rock 'n roll band. The group is a collection of shameless band nerds wielding instruments of incongruous traditions, sometimes in competition, often in cooperation. Many of them played in traditional marching bands in high school. Others wanted to but couldn't because they played violin or accordion, and no one had yet come up with the amplified helmet. With speakers strapped firmly to heads, their rambunctious live show has brought them to such acclaimed venues as the Late Show with Conan O'Brien, Lollapalooza, and a fleet of canoes floating down the Chicago River.

Their music skips from genre to unnameable genre, never settling in one place for long, but held together by the band's unmistakable sound and irresistible energy. To their credit, they only have one march in their original repertoire, their other music includes zombie-mambo, snake-charmer-metal, gypsy-reggaeton, punk-classical, and some demented arrangements of Dmitri Shostakovich, Bela Bartok, and famed Egyptian composer Kemal El Tawil.

"Any band that can get a crowd of 700, the majority of which have never heard of them, dancing, pogoing, screaming and beaming in a span of 10 minutes definitely has a good thing going. Mucca Pazza managed to reach those and teh frat boys, the soccer moms, the cowboys, the gangstas, and everyone in between." --Arizona Daily Star

Deals Gone Bad

What do you get when you mix the chugging rhythms of Jamaica, the energy and emotion of American Motown, and the overthe-top pub/rock of the Pogues? Now in their 14th year, Deal’s Gone Bad is touring extensively with its strongest and most consistent line-up in its history. With elements of ska, rocksteady, reggae, and American soul, DGB is sure to please on the dancefloor as well as on their fourth release to date, “The Ramblers” on Megalith and Jump Up! Records (March, 2007). Although the band draws its influences from classic Jamaican (Desmond Dekker, Jimmy Cliff, Ken Boothe) and American (Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, The Temptations) artists, the sound is a uniquely modern combination, unlike anything else on the scene today. Deal’s Gone Bad will appeal to fans of both soul and Jamaican music, as well as anyone looking for a turn on the floor or a song in their hearts. While “The Ramblers” is a testament to the strength of the songwriting, as well as the close-your-eyes-and-its-Otis voice of Todd Hembrook (his first record with the group), it is in live performance where the boys truly shine. Deal’s Gone Bad shows are a combination of soul rave-up and island dance party, with the force and energy of any punk band worth their salt. Lace up your dancing shoes and slip into your sharpest suit or pencil skirt, Deal’s Gone Bad is coming to your town so get ready!

Bully In The Hallway

Bully in the Hallway is a high energy, all original, guitar-driven quintet that has garnered comparisons to Fugazi, Bear Vs. Shark, Rise Against and Naked Raygun.

Bully in the Hallway has recorded a new EP set to be released in early summer 2013, with a follow up EP to follow in late 2013. The Chicago group released their acclaimed sophomore album “Crooks and their Castles” in December 2011 at Chicago’s famed Empty Bottle, and followed with showcase slots at SXSW 2012 as well as shows throughout the Midwest. “Crooks and their Castles” followed the successful and much lauded 2009 debut “Apples and Sunshine”.

In the past they’ve shared the stage with acts such as Titus Andronicus, the Smoking Popes, Dax Riggs, Riverboat Gamblers, The Methadones, My Goodness, All Eyes West, Single Mothers, Mannequin Men, Sybris and too many incredible Chicago bands to count!




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