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North America

Twins Josh and Jesse Hasko apply their monozygotic knowledge and near psychic proclivities to create spatial and hauntingly psychedelic soundscapes.

Within a skeleton of effect drenched guitar and post dance drums; broken keyboards, samplers and random yard sale instruments flesh out the analog sound. Inspired by the scorching desert landscape, altered states, and the nightmare of post-modern America, North America plays a tactile and hypnotic rock with chiaroscuro qualities in a world that is their own.

The brother's first musical experiences were sitting at their grandmothers organ sharing headphones and playing for hours while the family ate sunday supper in upstate NY. Later in childhood, Casio keyboards at a beach house in Cocoa Beach, Florida would be the ship to create their beachy soundtracks for family vacations.

Jesse went on to study art while Josh studied classical guitar, eventually abandoning their studies to live all over the U.S. in their VW camper. They hung around skate parks, small desert towns, the evergreen forests of Olympia, Wa, pawn shops, the Everglades, gay clubs, where ever the van broke down. After living and working on North America in the desert of New Mexico, they have been relentlessly touring and living in Brooklyn, NY...

Doom Squad is a multi-platform art project comprised of siblings Trevor, Jaclyn and Allie Blumas whose current work is informed by an attempt to conceptualize the lore and mystique of the Canadian wilderness by exploring how that lore is received and experienced within Western culture. Their music utilizes an eclectic mix of acoustic and electronic instruments and loops that bridge Western popular music traditions like garage rock and psychedelia with spiritually infused indigenous approaches to music like trance, repetition, breathing and chants.

For just over a year, the group has been festering around the
Toronto/Montreal underground, prodominently playing lofts and
unofficial venue spaces. The band officially "came out" during this past NXNE festival with 4 showcases. The official NXNE website featured them as "one of the best new acts to watch out for", and Resonacity magazine also declared them one of the best of the fest. Opening slots for Doldrums and Suuns, eventually lead to Owen Pallett selecting Doom Squad to headline his curated Destination Out showcase for Exclaim Magazine's 20th Anniversary.

Doom Squad is near completion of their debut full-length album, Kalaboogie, which co-produced and mixed by HDD musician Leon Taheny (Bruce Penninsula, Dusted, Katie Stelmanis, Final Fantasy), who was referred by Owen Pallett.

TIERS came about rather nebulously in the hazy hours when late becomes early and when consciousness yields to instinct. It is in these bleak hours that Jennifer Mears (vocals, synth, electronics) and Cult of Youth's Glenn Maryansky (electronics, synth, bass) write songs that ride the line between sterility and blissful grime, often going from stark airy synthpop to dense, almost industrial fuzz within the same song. It is this dynamic that separates Tiers from the myriad other male/female duos out there and it would be ill-advised to attach any labels to them since they are intent on defying expectation.



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