CAVE WOMEN, an all girl band based out of Sacramento CA, are stepping out of the cave this fall to bring you their debut album. The band’s sound features lush four part harmonies and rich textures that include a combination of accordion, mbira, bass, flute, drums, and guitar. Drawing from diverse backgrounds, their music combines jazz, classical, folk, a cappella, gypsy, Brazilian, and African music. Their debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered with Pat Olguin, “a sound engineer who has received multi-platinum engineering credits and has a recent #1 Billboard credit for mixing and mastering CAKE’s hugely successful record “Showroom of Compassion”. Their upcoming album includes 9 tracks, all of which are written and performed by Cave Women.

Element Brass Band

Second line music is most common in New Orleans, but with the efforts of groups like the Element Brass Band, second line is reaching appreciative audiences well beyond its traditional boundaries. Second line music is being played both nationally and internationally. Element Brass Band is the premier brass band in Sacramento, CA and one of the few authentic second line bands on the West Coast! Also known as E.B.B., the Element Brass Band has performed at many Festivals including the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, the Davis Jazz Festival, The Shannapalooza Festival and the Loomis Eggplant Festival. E.B.B. has performed throughout the Sacramento region at such venues as Ace Of Spades, JB’s Lounge, The Shady Lady, The Press Club, Bows And Arrows, Old Ironsides and The Torch Club.

When Sacramento trumpeter Ryan Robertson traveled to New Orleans in 2010, he knew that he had found a new home and calling. Robertson immersed himself in New Orleans’ rich culture and became fascinated with the local music, finding work playing in several local brass bands. When Robertson returned to his hometown of Sacramento in 2011, he brought the music of New Orleans with him. He quickly rallied some of Sacramento's top aspiring musicians, and the Element Brass Band was born. Robertson could not get New Orleans out of his blood and soon returned to the Crescent City to further his musical career, passing the bandleader torch to saxophonist Byron Colborn.

XD 7

"I first called together Pat, Xavier, Gabe, Kevin, Max, and John to read my tune “How Things Change”, along with some other arrangements I had written. From the first note, I realized that this group of guys had a truly unique sound. I knew that these guys were all great musicians, but the group came together in a way that was cohesive yet still truly reflected our personal sounds and influences. Sure, we all met at Manhattan School of Music as jazz performance majors, but jazz is not what defines XD 7. Each member of the band comes from a different musical and cultural background, and brings his own unique sound and personality to the music. Our music certainly highlights individuality and personal expression, yet to be successful in the context of a septet, a strong element of teamwork needs to be present as well. What I love about this band is that we each embrace each other’s perspectives, and the music feeds off of this collaborative energy. This collaborative spirit helps us push each other to reach beyond our comfort zones in our music: while the music definitely highlights our individual strengths, we all challenge each other to find personal connections in unfamiliar musical situations, because in the end, music is music, regardless of style or genre. XD 7 strongly embraces the concept that music is universal, so no matter what “genre” one of our tunes might be in, the sound is still uniquely XD 7." - Jon Hatamiya

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