Masked Intruder, Elway

Masked Intruder

Up until now, the only thing these four crooks were good at making was toilet wine in the joint, but we sent them into Atlas Studios to record with Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake, Smoking Popes, etc.) and out came a pop-punk/power-pop masterpiece. They looted a vault of hooks, melodies, and many-layered harmonies for this debut full-length. Think Descendents meets Weezer in a dark alley! There's already plenty of squealers and snitches talking about MASKED INTRUDER, and these thugs have been invited to play all the cool festivals and toured with Teenage Bottlerocket in support of this release. It's fun stuff and you're gonna like it...or else.

Elway is an American punk rock band from Fort Collins, Colorado. Their sound is a unique and inebriated take on a time-tested formula: aggressive punk rock with soaring melodies coupled with lyrics ranging from that of the sad sap to the indignant atheist with a bevy of homespun dick jokes.

sam russo

Sam Russo's hunger to spread his ideas globally is driven by an open minded approach to the floor. After developing strong ides as a highly respected engineer, he is now stepping out from behind the scenes to begin his ascension in his own right.

Long months in 2012 spent working with Matt Tolfrey on his debut album have planted big ambitions in the young artist's head. This inspiration is driving him as he seeks to build on a series of collaborations with Tolfrey, Huxley and Craig Richards that have seen him grow a strong back catalogue since his debut release in 2010.

Influenced by the smooth rhythms of US house to Berlin's Basic Channel and Maurizio, Russo's productions not only stand out on the floor but are tempered by an expansive deepness. With EPs on Leftroom, Air London and remixes for Classic Music Company, Surface and 1Trax currently bubbling the limelight is shifting towards Russo as a solo artist. Add to this more collabs with Huxley, Jordan Peak and Halo as well an expanding DJ schedule, more and more people are sitting up and taking notice.

Starting off behind the decks at age of 18 in London's East end, Russo cut his teeth on the Shoreditch circuit before gaining a residency with Southampton's Junk Club, where he set the tone at heavyweight parties like Cocoon and Circo Loco. Having accumulated such experience at an early stage, this set him up for recent impressive performances at some of the UK's most forward thinking clubs, including London's infamous Fabric, Manchester institution Sankeys, The Rainbow in Birmingham and The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool. With the international stage also in Russo's sights, he has already performed at Studio 80 (Amsterdam), BeCool (Barcelona) and the Leftroom Party at WMC (Miami).

Working with current hot properties as well as luminaries such as Craig Richards, ideas have been nurtured in Russo far beyond his years. Not just in the studio, it would be impossible for the young producer not to absorb Richards' gospel behind the decks, Russo prides himself on finding unique tracks and finding new ways to put them together.

With an attitude that keeps alive the true spirit of DJing, he thrives on building up a track library on both vinyl and digital. Able to blend both old and new, his ever expanding appreciation of music and rhythm gives him the edge as he continues to build his burgeoning reputation.

No Gimmick

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, No Gimmick has played countless local shows, as well as brief stints in L.A. and Mexico. They've shared the stage with Marky Ramone, Authority Zero, Punk Rock Karaoke, Something Corporate, Guttermouth, CKY, Pour Habit, Sugarcult, Rufio, Ten Foot Pole, Against All Authority, Mr. T Experience, Jughead's Revenge, Antifreeze, Riddlin' Kids, Civet, Bionic Jive, Stereotyprider, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Fred Green, Trik Turner, Tickertape Parade and also played Warped Tour '02.



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