Good Morning Grizzly, CD Release

Foreign Home

The four members of Foreign Home have played in the indie scene for years but it wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that they found a proper focus for their collective expression. Coming of age in a time when technology made to promote connectivity is leading to the mass production of sterile, person-less art, Foreign Home uses nostalgic tones to produce modern pop music that breaks through the ocean of noise. The band’s sound is centered upon sundry songwriting teeming with wistful images of youth lost. The sense of longing is balanced with a theme of hope that runs through every chord progression.

After Midnight

This four-piece from Tulsa, AfterMidnight came to be a little over a year ago. Since their beginning they have been synthesizing their sound more and more as four musicians from different backgrounds with the goal of creating one defining sound that can only be known as AfterMidnight. Since the release of their self-titled EP they have taken more time to work hard and outdo what they have already created, by creating something new, bold, and fresh - with sound that when you are finished listening leaves you feeling like you took a dip in cold, clean water. They have begun to write and record music for their first full length album, aiming to compose something rich with celestial melodies, infectious guitar, polished rhythms, thick textures and full of deep, though provoking lyrics. With a captivating, magnetic musical current AfterMidnight will leave you with a rhythm and a sway that will pull you through the night with bright lights.

$5.00 - $7.00


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