TX Chip presents Broken Satellite


https://www.facebook.com/events/172461992923044/ Broken Satellite is coming up from Houston to kick things off at our new amazing venue. Happy hour at 6pm. Open mic at 7pm. Show runs until 11pm. Free and all ages. (For real this time) Chiptunes by: Broken Satellite -http://m.soundcloud.com/brokensatellite Coming in all the way from Houston, Broken Satellite is a "classic" chiptuner, making jams using just 2 Gameboys. Star Fighter Dreams - http://m.soundcloud.com/star-fighter-dreams Coming in from San Antonio, Star Fighter Dreams makes high energy, super fun dance music with Gameboys and PSP. He leaves it all on the stage. Make sure your body is ready. Hashtagyoloswag - so fresh they aren't on the web yet.

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