Chuck Inglish

Chuck Inglish

He is best known as the reserved half of the Cool-Kids. With a relaxed rapping style and an interesting lyrical foundation in his verses, it probably shocks most that he is also a very talented producer.

His tracks have been related to summer jams from the 80's and with no sampling noted to date, he draws his audience mostly from the Chicago and LA rap fans. Having done a large portion of the cool-kids releases as well as featuring in other illRoots releases, he is considered a force to be reckoned with(in the near future).

Alex Wiley is a 19 year old MC from the South side of Chicago. He has been building a steady buzz releasing songs like “#MoPurp” leading up to the release of his debut project, #ClubWiley, in the very near future. With the release last year of the Can I Borrow a Dollar EP w/ Village cohort Kembe X. Alex Wiley dropped #MoPurp featuring Chance the Rapper and Kembe X racking up nearly 100K views he has proven a force to be reckoned with on the Chicago music scene. He has opened for a number of sold out shows at venues across the country and is finally prepared to headline his own in his hometown and will be giving a preview of the highly anticipated #ClubWiley mixtape which will be released via Closed Sessions.

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