Part Time Punks' Goth Ball with Survive + SSLEEPERHOLD + Troller

Part Time Punks


Mighty minimal/cold/dark wave side are the hotly tipped Texan synth unit, S U R V I V E. They're the latest successors in a fine line of modern synth-music explorers to hail from their Austin, TX locale, following the lead of Neon Indian, Silent Diane and Sleep ∞ Over into the inky beyond. But, unlike the aforementioned, Survive are super purist with it: they don't truck with vocals - everything's instrumental - and the accuracy of their homage, and the execution of futurist intentions, simply can't be faulted; therefore bringing you, and us, that bit closer to the dream.


From deep in the expanse of coldest outermost space come SSLEEPERHOLD. And they're coming for YOU.


Icy synth swaths over 808 drum machine chatter and dark ethereal girl vocals ala Dead Can Dance (or maybe Faith/Seventeen Seconds-era Cure). Behold the wild rush to dreams. This is synthgaze.

$10 - $13


As you may have already heard, Lebanon Hanover and Selofan were stopped at the border of our fascistic mess of a country and denied entry. So, they have had to cancel their entire tour. HOWEVER, PTP's annual Goth Ball is still proceeding...and with a still-formidable line up of bands. So come dance to dread and doom this Sunday night...

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