xxyyxx is the name of Orlando, FL’s 17 year old producer, Marcel Everett. Marcel works out of his bedroom creating harmonious music that provokes emotion and transmits vivid images of peace and still sadness. His full-length releases are available for digital download on Relief in Abstract Records.

Fortune Howl

Fortune Howl is Bryce Linde.
Glitched out, flagrant, and insatiable are all apt descriptors. Synths and beats of various stripes are his tools, but one thing's for sure, this isn't music for the faint of heart or the overly cautious. Psychedelic in its hue, the emotional flow imparted is that of sensory overload. Beats drop, machinations repeat, and vocals arise in nooks and crannies. Everything from chimes & chains to keys & breaks, it all works. It's both ethereal and thunderous, and the balance between the two is euphoric. Storyteller rappers lead the listener through rhyme, in this case, the opposite occurs. Thematic sound clatters and dissipates, a journey unfolds; it's a sense of purposeful movement that makes these beats so pleasurable. Fortune Howl leans towards peaceful melodies and spastic percussion, revealing his sense of timing. It's all about building towards that moment when the horizon comes into view.

Spies on Bikes

Spies On Bikes is the moniker of versatile producer and artist Nathan Cochran. The name is a reference to a childhood memory of imaginary war games and neighborhood kids on patrol. His sonic creations capture a sense of nostalgia and contemplation, perhaps in the form of a daydream. He conjures up childhood memories, warm fuzzy feelings, far off places, thoughts of love lost and love gained. Nathan effortlessly melds organic instruments and sounds with analog modeled synthesizers and ethereal soundscapes. Shying away from the conventional sample heavy approaches, Nathan prefers to record his own voice and his own instruments. His attention to detail and composition is evident as his pieces unfold before the listener in unique and unpredictable ways. 2012 marked the release of his first album "Man Overboard" which has been well received by audiences worldwide.

Out Go the Lights

Out Go the Lights is a 3-piece indie band from Orlando, Florida, originating as a childhood project between lead singer/guitarist Alex Clements and drummer Allen Clark. Label-mate Bryce Linde, better known as electronic artist Fortune Howl, has recently been added to the lineup as the band’s bassist. Supporting a consistent underlying message of ambition and truth, Clements crafts honest lyrics that carry the band’s vocally-driven pop songs with a backbone of powerful drums and driving bass-lines. This, combined with blissful melodies and energetic live shows, has led press to describe them as being “incredibly natural pop-smiths” (Orlando Weekly).


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