Broom Street Session Patio Show

Broom Street Session Patio Show

Broom Street Sessions is an intimate Madison-music series that usually takes place every month at the Broom Street Theater space on Willy Street. This month, though, the series moves to the High Noon's patio for a Sunday-afternoon performance from two idiosyncratic local singer-songwriters. Luke Arvid has performed in Madison country outfit The Fingers and has been readying an album of his own thoughtful, patient tunes. Paul Otteson stands out for his unusual voice and tendency toward intricate narrative songwriting. His most recent album is 2012's Robin Red. For more information on Broom Street Sessions, visit

Luke Arvid (Album Release Show)

Luke Arvid is a singer/songwriter based out of Madison, Wisconsin who performs both solo & with full-band.
He's also a member of (Madison's) The Fingers.

Wrapped in a shroud of fabled stories, forgotten characters, and haunted landscapes; Faux Fawn has emerged from their winter slumber with melodies not yet lost to the bitter frost. Upon releasing his debut album February Fables in 2011, frontman Paul Otteson garnered immediate recognition as a thoughtful storyteller and prolific songwriter. Four albums later, now with band in tow; his group has established itself as a mainstay in the Madison music scene.

Their upcoming album Lonesome Loon will be released December 6th. Admittedly darker and more reflective; this collection of songs takes the listener through a starless night, led only by the warm glow of Otteson and his band. Though slower paced than previous efforts, Lonesome Loon takes thoughtful steps drenched in lush harmonies and foreboding instrumentation.

The formation of Faux Fawn came in the spring of 2014, though it’s members have shared their brilliance from the very beginning. Luke Bassuener lends complex and unconventional wizardry on the drums; Tom McCarty is steadfast in his foundation on upright bass; Jeremiah Nelson renders layered waves and jazz voicings that create moments of beauty and sonic wonder on electric guitar, and Audre Krull warms the coolest breeze with her soaring voice. The result is a group dynamic filled with spontaneity and well-developed arrangements.


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