Pretty Pretty and Jib'n'Jab

Pretty Pretty

Ashley on the turntables, Lisa on vocals and Joanna hitting the drums, this three piece combo of high energy pop music is delivered in a simple and sexy stage show of mash ups and mixes with overlaid vocals and a live back beat.


A new musical collaboration over two decades in the making, Jib'n'Jab is a live electronic duo/production team comprised of siblings Jacob (The Coop) and Allison (DJBLS) Barinholtz. Their goal: to cover a diverse landscape of musical genres both on the stage and in the studio, ranging from tech-friendly house to nasty electro and even downtempo. The two deliver an intensely entertaining live show comprised of on-point mixing and in-your-face drumming, and their original productions are already turning heads. Keep an ear out for these newcomers to the Chicago electronic scene.

$5.00 - $7.00


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