Eric D Johnson & Yellowbirds

Eric D Johnson & Yellowbirds

The first single from Yellowbirds' upcoming Songs from the Vanished Frontier, "Young Men of Promise", is a slice of dirty psych-pop that doesn't overstay its welcome. Sam Cohen fits a lot into two and a half minutes: after a fuzzy first half that's reminiscent of Ty Segall at his sunniest, the melody starts to wander, taking some unexpected turns before returning for one more round of familiar hooks. The song's shambling vibe nicely compliments the song's title; charming, laid-back tracks like this are often the product of said promising young men engaging in a bit of midsummer slacking.

- Pitchfork

Black Cobra Vipers

Alternately compared to A Flock Of Seagulls , Prince, Roxy Music, Aphrodite's Child, Klaatu, The Buzzcocks, Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley, Lord Buckley, Buckley-the wonder dog, the feeling you have when you wake up after receiving dental gas, The Libertines, The JB's, Pere Ubu, Queen’s first 4 albums and the sound of plants recorded under microscopic conditions.. the rise of Black Cobra Vipers has been so rapid that that facts about where they actually came from have been lost in the litany of lawsuits over fainting girls and the copyrights associated with sending and receiving telepathic imagery.

Some things however are irrefutable facts [You can't kill yourself by holding your breath / You're born with 300 bones, but by the time you become an adult, you only have 206 /Slugs have 4 noses] and anyone who recently witnessed the spectacle of Gregory Di’ Martino, the 6ft 8” lead singer of Black Cobra Vipers, silencing the crowd at a Monster Truck Rally in Des Moines, Iowa with nothing more than a gentle guitar and a searing voice calling out an impassioned hymn to an alcoholic beverage [“Colt 45”], knew that they were witnessing the birth of something special. Not just a new band or a new sound, but a new way of being. Motorcycle’s hung in mid-air and cigarettes fell loosely from the lips of men who were twice the size of other large men. Regardless of whether they were eventually run out of town in a barrage of flames and shameful remorse [they were], for a brief moment a natural law had been circumvented, and all those who witnessed were never the same again.

“The most fun one can currently have under the constraints of international law” - Metal Detection & Dance Appreciation Monthly.

“It’s not impossible to imagine, when viewing Black Cobra Vipers, that the entirety of western recorded history has been a mistake, and one we are helpless to learn from or change. 4/5” - Chicago society of Surveillance equipment enthusiasts website.

“I have seen the future, and whilst this wasn’t it, it was extremely close.”

- Joan Landau

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