[Rapture] at Club Vinyl


[Rapture] was inspired to become involved with electronic dance music in different ways than your standard 'DJ'. From starting with live sequence performance in Tucson AZ, he saw a large base of his performances soon come in from Phoenix AZ as well. He started back when he was 18 (2012) playing the genre Electro House, and in just a year, he has able to perform most electronic dance music sub-genres, and is even able to compress a large amount of them into one set. Though he may not have any affiliates or crews at the moment, don't let his goofy hair fool you. His style of performance is very unique and draws crowds together in the name of love. And music.

$3.00 - $5.00


Wasted Wednesdays at Club Vinyl 18+ $5 21+ Free before 11pm $5 after $2 PBRs $4 Wells $1 drinks for ladies until Midnight

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