Bad Bad Meow

Bad Bad Meow delivers stimulating rhythms. That's all you need to know.

Critics have compared Bad Bad Meow’s style with the likes of Violent Femmes, The White Stripes, and The Pixies—all revolutionary artists in their own right, and an honor to be mentioned among. But where many artists fall victim to replicating their musical predecessors, Bad Bad Meow emulates only the vision and approach required of a Jack White to continue breaking boundaries.
Using an array of auxiliary instruments coursing over hook after catchy hook, BBM straps the boots on once again to kick down a few more walls with their third release, EP “Run Through the Middle.” Recorded at Chicago’s world-renown Engine Studios (Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse), this collection of tracks starts with a kick, downshifts and then kicks even harder. Bad Bad Meow has solidified its voice since bringing some Carolina twang to the Chicago scene, and it’s not an inside voice.

Rocketboat is an American adventure-rock band. Members Collin Magdaz, Marc Adrian, Josh Hanchar, and Andrew Dumaresq produce a sound forged in the embers of punk and post-modern rock that is dynamically rooted in science fiction and video games.

Pet Peeve

PET PEEVE is a Chicago band with a wide range of influences including Americana, klezmer, gypsy, indie pop, rock and folk. The band formed gradually over a two-year period starting in 2007 with Lorian Toth and Ryan Flanagan who met during college in Chicago. The duo performed for the first time at a fundraiser where they piqued the interest of Mark Adkison who joined them shortly after. Since then, the band has played numerous venues, parties, living rooms, kitchens, roof tops and porches throughout the Midwest and continues to captivate and move audiences to dance with their fiery and leg slapping melodies. PET PEEVE released its first album titled An Attic Abroad in March 2010.

The Vare is an indie/pop band hailing from Montreal, Canada. They are comprised of Mikey Desjardins, Gabriel Dennis, Jeffrey Lauber, and Lucas Liberatore.

All four members are multi-instrumentalist, sharing the piano, guitar and drums in the studio and on stage. In their first year of being together, they have completed a six-song EP (Coming Spring 2013), made it into the top three out of 1000 bands in a contest held across Canada by Slaight Music (Summer 2012) and have perfected their live performance.

Their sound has been compared to Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and City & Colour.

Blue Bird

Blue Bird represents the latest evolution of female-fronted independent music. The group’s soaring vocals, musical depth, and songwriting abilities find them at the forefront of new sounds emerging out of the indie music hot-bed of Omaha, Nebraska. Blue Bird is the creation of pianist/acoustic guitarist Marta Fiedler, the band’s lead vocalist and chief songwriter. Fiedler is flanked vocally by Julie Crowell and Darci Boyer. These young women have brought a fresh sound to the stages of Omaha and throughout the country during the band’s recent tour of the Midwest and East Coast in the summer of 2011.

The dynamic of Blue Bird is a unique one, and backing up these young songstresses is a group of some of Omaha’s most experienced musicians: Ian Simons (keyboards), Vince Giambattista (guitar), Matt McClure (bass), and Rob Mathews (drums). This dynamic has allowed Fiedler’s musical visions to be fleshed out wholly and made a reality with a stronger result that one might find with a group of musicians still building their chops. Blue Bird’s songs feature lush harmonies and diverse musicality with depth, offering appeal to a wide audience. The band takes on softer tones and showcases a classic indie pop sound while mixing in folk, Americana, and chamber pop orchestration. When listening to the band’s debut recording, Metamorphosis EP (self-released fall 2010), thoughts of Hem, pre-pop hits Bangles, Calexico, She & Him, and Azure Ray may be evoked. Blue Bird is able to bring the quality of their studio recordings to the live stage, and they offer an emotive set of songs where the vocals truly shine and the musicianship of all seven members are showcased. This is truly a band with a bright future! Watch for Blue Bird recordings, tours, and special appearances throughout 2012 as they start a new chapter of sharing these songs with music fans everywhere.

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