The Retar Crew: Ghost of Christmas Smashed Party!

The Retar Crew: Ghost of Christmas Smashed Party!

The Retar Crew has established themselves online through diligence, alcoholism, and social networking. We have 1.5 million views on youtube and 10,000 worldwide downloads.

Meredith Miller

Evocative of the demented love-child of Marlene Dietrich and Lucille Ball, American singer/performer Meredith Miller contorts cabaret, bends burlesque, profanes puppetry, and violates vaudeville.

Leaf Erickson

Leaf Erikson hails from the history-rich musical city of Detroit, where he was born and raised. He credits jazz as his favorite music but his range extends way beyond that. Leaf belongs to the exclusive Butter Made Records family, as he's joined by AC Pull, AHK, B.L.A.K.E Eerie, dak, Dirtee Curt and Hugh Whitaker.Inside of that circle sits many solo projects, side projects and group projects, including Stoopz N' Breeze and audopilots.Stay tuned.More will follow....


Hello, my name is Nikhil.
I like to dig crates and spin records. I tend not to confine myself to one particular genre.

DJ Adrienne Sanchez

I'm kinda a pain in the ass. I talk way too much shit, stay out way too late, and drink too much. I also have the nasty habit of making friends wait for hours on end at record stores. I moved from Los Angeles to Chicago 'cause I needed new people to piss off. Somehow, I failed in that department. I just so happened to have meet some really talented and smart folks who, are pretty damn cool. Hmmm, maybe they're just providing me a false sense of security and when I pass out they'll draw on my face?



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