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Snakebit Drifters

Mammoth Thunderpower

..a long, long time ago, a young Mammoth named Thunderpower asked a Wizard for all the power in the world...The Wizard deemed him a danger to society, and challenged him to a battle. During this battle, the Mammoth impaled the Wizard on his mighty tusks, stealing all his powers...As the Wizard was dying, he cast a spell to send the Mammoth to hell for eternity...however,after some time, he was banished from hell for being too powerful...He roamed the earth for thousands of years until settling in Costa Mesa, CA....
He vowed to never show his power again until the world was ready.

............and now, it's time.

The Get Down Boys

The Get Down Boys formed in West Los Angeles in the Spring of 2010. The founding members had much in common but mostly two things: their love of bluegrass music and common alma mater, Berklee College of Music in Boston. The Boys hail from all over the US (Virginia, Missouri, Connecticut and Massachusetts).

Since then they've toured over thirty US cities, released an album of original material, and performed alongside some of the industry's leading icons.

$5.00 - $10.00


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