The Gloss, Morose Project, Thrillionaire, $2 Tap Beers and Well Drinks from 8:30-9:30pm

The Gloss

Celebrate the birth of June 2013 with a blast of marmosets... or the amazing opening set of THRILLIONAIRE who are bigger than that big white jesus statue in buenos aires... then MOROSE PROJECT has sick ass beats that make your brain go kaboom. followed finally by the slick sticky explosive pleasure tumult known as THE GLOSS !!!!!!!

Morose Project

morose is a concept band formed by independent, established producers/dj's/musicians/teachers/you/me

the soundscape incorporates elements of minimal, techno, and house which reflects a presence through expressive performances and recordings.


Jen Turner, formerly of Here We Go Magic, picks up the guitar again, revisiting her days with Natalie Merchant and Furslide, with Henrietta Tiefenthaler on bass, programming and sound design.

Henrietta and Jen sing lush, polyphonic melodies over hard motorik beats drawn from classic Krautrock bands like Can and Neu!

For this Satellite show, they will be joined by Steve Sidelynk on drums and Billy Mohler on bass.

Their highly anticipated debut album will be finished by the end of this year with its release scheduled for summer 2013.



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