So Many Dynamos, Pretty & Nice, Throw Vision

So Many Dynamos

As the old adage goes, not many people heard the Velvet Underground in their prime—but every one who did started a band. For those of us growing up amidst the modest-but-thriving indie rock scene of the late '90s, the experience was not all that different; for years, my likeminded friends and I left innumerable shows muttering to ourselves "some day I want to be in a band like that." Bound as we were by the noise constraints of apartment life, we could only imagine following through on this wish, but we could also imagine that there were kids somewhere else in America, blessed with the unfathomable luxuries of garages and drumsets, leaving those same shows, thinking those same thoughts and becoming one of the awesomest bands we would ever see. Turns out that band is from St. Louis, Missouri, and they are called So Many Dynamos.

So Many Dynamos have released two solid albums (The Loud Wars is their third, and their first for Vagrant) and toured relentlessly for years, slowly but surely picking up fervent devotees without succumbing to the bitterness of a band that sees themselves as "paying their dues." Somehow, they have retained urgency of four friends playing in their basement for the first time, while developing the confidence of a band with hundreds upon hundreds of shows under their belt. And finally, they have made a record that does them justice.
(Bio Written by Matt Lemay)

Pretty & Nice

Tucked away in a basement somewhere on the outskirts of Boston, there is a secret lair filled with motley recording equipment, and a neatly organized cache of guitars, synths and other flashing electronics. The stockpile of gadgetry is owned and operated by three young gentlemen who call themselves Pretty & Nice. Hardly art (Sub Pop)

Throw Vision

THROW VISION entered the studio to record their debut album, In I, just months after forming in the Spring of 2012. In I carries a sound that is undeniably “Throw Vision,” bringing together diverse influences --Debussy, Animal Collective andHere We Go Magic -- on top of soulful pulses of r&b and jazz.

The band crowdsourced funds for the album through a successful, wide-reaching Kickstarter campaign, deemed by Pigeons and Planes as one of ten Kickstarter projects “worth investing in,” alongside Amanda Palmer’s celebrated $1 million+ endeavor. The Bushwick Daily called In I “beautiful”, yet so genre-bending that classifying the sound would be “challeng[ing] even [to] an audiophile.” Boxx Magazine, a publication supported by the McCormick Foundation, labeled In I an “overall hypnotic opus.”

Throw Vision played NYU Skirball Center in October to a live and virtual audience of over 30,000 people across the globe as the house band for the annual Summit Conference, produced by art giants Creative Time -- the brains behind the Tribute in Light for 9/11 and the MTA’s immense HEARD•NY project in Grand Central with Nick Cave.

In March, Throw Vision was voted Deli Magazine’s “NYC Artist of the Month” by an ever-growing fanbase, spreading in grassroots fashion to new, appreciative ears. As the group prepares to hit the road this summer for a tour of the Northeast, their live show continues to evolve into an immersive, ear-and-mind-opening experience that might leave you, as it left one Free Williamsburg journalist, “amazed.”

Stay on the lookout for new material and recordings, including a music video featuring the work of visual artist Riitta Ikonen, and a summer session at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studios.

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