Desert Noises, Song Dogs (as Talking Heads)

Desert Noises

Desert Noises is Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Patrick Boyer, and Brennan Allen, four adventurers from Utah Valley, UT. Ask about their recent musical influences, and you'll extract a litany on the riches of Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, and Tame Impala. If it seems an unlikely trio of choices, it simply means that you haven't yet become acquainted with their propulsive, jangle-rich breed of rock 'n roll. Desert Noises make music for shouting into canyons, jumping into rivers, and getting married to the wide-open road. With a strong maturity in their songwriting, they conjure the majesty of the American pastoral landscape.
While one can pick out definite strains of blues and Americana, their often-ferocious delivery and penchant for shredding guitars elicits a powerful transcendence into psychedelic rock. This is felt most strongly in their live performances, where they harness their visceral energy in new ways each night.
Desert Noises work with an emotional palette that is sophisticated beyond their years, as front-man Kyle Henderson translates melancholy, longing, and regret into lyrical fables like a seasoned troubadour. He seems to be howling into the vastness with all of his might, romancing his hopelessness and taking comfort in open spaces.
These four young men are enchanting hearts across the country, having shared the stage with such notable contemporaries as The Head and The Heart, Local Natives, The Morning Benders, Blitzen Trapper, Miniature Tigers, and Pepper Rabbit. With their gaze set enthusiastically into the future and a new album on the way, the chronicle of Desert Noises is just beginning to unfold.

Song Dogs (as Talking Heads)

Song dogs is a 6-piece americana rock band bringing prairie-heavy rock and railroad tone to the city of Brotherly Love. Formed in 2009, we released our first self-titled EP in 2011 and our full-length album Wild Country was officially released in January, 2013.

The Gallerist

Last August, Boston transplant Mike Collins and songwriting vehicle The Gallerist released their debut EP, A Falling Waltz, to the unsuspecting world. Mastered by Jeff Lipton (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Josh Ritter), engineered by Andy Farrell and John Ferrara at Designed Like Dice,
and mixed by John Ferrara, A Falling Waltz is a polished piece that hangs on to the warm fuzz and raw grit of its DIY origins.

Described as singers of “folk micro‐anthems” by Boston Band Crush, The Gallerist tell tales of hope despite often overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Pulling from a varied musical experience and executed with adept instrumentation, A Falling Waltz moves effortlessly between genres, from straightforward folk to haunting blues to foot‐stomping rock. Opener “Songbirds” hits like the first rays of sunlight through venetian blinds, while “A Parent Apology” screams “One more!” at last call. “Yesterday’s News Today” carries a warm lamp’s gentle flame to brush aside the darkness, and tracks like “Self‐Taught Man” and “Washed Away” tell stories of self‐doubt and righteous indignation. A Falling Waltz captures the ability of a young songwriter to embrace the whimsical and the weighty with equal fervor. Born from empathy and tempered with reality, Collins and The Gallerist are honest in their appraisal of the mountain, and ultimately joyful in their decision to keep climbing.

Recorded in the dead of New Jersey winter, A Falling Waltz is more March melt than December deep freeze, more dawn than dusk, more shelter, less storm. With songs that “have a timeless feel, like picking up where you left off with an old friend,” Collins and the Gallerist invite you to hang up your coat and warm yourself while they put on another pot of coffee.



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