Andy Thomas "Wicked, Dark" and Video Release Show

Andy Thomas' Dust Heart

Andy Thomas continues the tradition of his past projects by writing beautifully dark and brooding music in the spirit of Nick Cave and Leonard Coen and combines it with the energy of his punk rock past.

On his latest, "Wicked, Dark," Thomas peels away the party and shows his strength as a songwriter and vocalist. Like his previous work, the arrangements are simple, but whereas traditionally, Thomas tries to get the whole venue screaming along, his solo work is more subtle and story based.

Thomas has told these stories all over the U.S. and Europe sharing the stage with artists like Gregory Alan Isakov, Joe Pug, Jessica Lea Mayfield and more.

Arliss Nancy

We try not to concern ourselves with this shit. We all write, we all pour our hearts into what we do. It is, and has always been, about the music and the people who came to dance...but for those who DO are a few things people are saying... " album brimming with some of the best country-tinged, fire-breathing blue-collar rock to come out of Colorado in recent memory." The Westword "...This was supposed to be Lucero's year, but Arliss Nancy completely stole their thunder. Rock and country have never had a more natural union. Each lyric just oozes passion and sincerity, and I don't know of another band that can maintain such a hard-hitting and sincere delivery..." The Punk "...Arliss Nancy's Dance to Forget is the best barroom record of eleven track, booze-fueled romp through heartache & lust, desperation & salvation. This is country-infused old-school rock music at it's independently produced best." The Mikey Vegas "...hardscrabble, whiskey-soaked, fire-breathing, southern rock template, the outfit operates with such conviction that you have no trouble believing every word and hanging on to every note. If you're looking for meat and potatoes rock with a twinge of twang that will leave you balling your eyes out, clutching your heart and feeling more alive than ever, meet Arliss Nancy." The Westword


"PrettyMouth" , to the innocent, or unguarded, might conjure that very human trait that endears an individual to humanity as a whole. The sweetness of a smile that all-at-once offers sanctuary and sustenance in a frightening world. Another sentiment, and a far more common one, that the name might evoke is the lusty curl of another's lips; flush, plump, red with blood, the glistening , wet gates of a watering mouth. This example is universal when eyes meet vestiges seemingly crafted specifically to share with the observer any number of consensual activities. PrettyMouth is one band, in a grand tradition of American rock bands. Where (what you might call) tragedy, is just as much about victory, and lament strides hand-in-hand with elation. Marie Litton writes and performs these songs alongside cellist/guitarist Lief Sjostrom, Bassist Benjamin Williams, and Drummer Jed "The Kid from Deliverance" Kopp.

M. Florea

M.Florea is the new solo project from Bonnie and the Beard front woman Megan Fong. Stories from a songbird moonshiner, mysteries, stargazing, wanderlust, and dreams.



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