The Giving Tree Band

The Giving Tree Band

"A traveling band must be able to channel their hometown and aura into a space. It's sometimes difficult to conjure the backroads and nature so often sung about in Americana music. The Giving Tree Band has mastered this quintessential aspect of performing live. They are able to accomplish what great writers have long proven; it is possible, with the right story, to transport whole audiences to new worlds."

It is said that in any endeavor, the journey is the true reward. For this band, the outlook matters more than the outcome. Yet, even with this policy, The Giving Tree Band has been steadily making their way towards the head of a classy class of young American songwriters and performers and consistently winning over each scene in the school. People everywhere are discovering The Giving Tree Band and when they do, a bond is established.

While the GTB was on tour last summer with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and again at ESMZ's first Big Top Festival in Los Angeles, alternative and indie rock audiences were raptured into what has been described by Relix Magazine as the "folksy bliss of a group playing as one." They enchanted crowds with their ability to reference classic Rock 'N Roll themes and drive them to a moxie that's "new and refreshing" (Paste Magazine).

Amy Benton

so…i learned how to cook this Thanksgiving (good-a-time-as-any, right?) other randomness: i’ve told Little Jimmy Dickens a joke, held a harmonica while someone else played it, and learned that most things can be fixed with a “jiggle and duct tape.” i loooove singing, playing, and writing! I consider some of my career highlights to be: opening for Aaron Tippin, opening for David Lee Murphy, playing at the New Salem Country Opry, winning the Christian County Fair Talent Competition and coming in 2nd in state, being ISU Idol, playing honky tonks in Nashville, being a guest on WSM’s “Coffee, Country, and Cody,” having a few independent song cuts, recording with Pat Flynn, opening for Greg Barnhill and Billy Dean, and most recently, opening for Florida Georgia Line! I love me some Joe Walsh, Darrell Scott, Eric Church, Merle Haggard, June Carter Cash, and am pretty sure that one day I want to name my kids Alabama, Bee, Love, and Nevada. I come from a “long line of love” and laughter and dancing and storytelling-My grandma always said she met my grandpa at a church dance, and my grandpa always said he met Grandma at the Derby Tavern…now you know a little bit more about me because you know where i came from.

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