The Dough Rollers

The Dough Rollers

The Dough Rollers started in 2008 when Jack Byrne and Malcolm Ford bonded over a mutual appreciation for blues music. Initially the band started as a two piece but quickly expanded to to fit fiddler and singer Julia Tepper, just in time to start exploring other kinds of music the group was being influenced by. A self-titled album comprised of blues, country and just about everything in between was recorded and released in late 2009. After some time as a three-piece, the lineup returned to being just Byrne and Ford so they could really focus on their love for early blues music. An album, Someday Baby, made up of the blues that Byrne and Ford had crafted playing countless shows around the country, followed shortly thereafter and was released in a limited run. Not to sit in any one place for too long, after the release of Someday Baby, The Dough Rollers evolved again, though this time into a four piece outfit complete with bass and drums. This sudden change may have seemed strange to some, but it has "allowed us to really try to blend all the different kinds of music we're influenced by into something (hopefully) totally new" say Byrne and Ford. At first, the band featured a rotating rhythm section but the lineup is now cemented with Josh Barocas on bass and Kyle Olson on drums. Recently the band has toured with Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Queens of the Stone Age. They have also recorded an EP with Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age which will be released soon. Look for that as well as other releases soon!

Brothers NYC

Brooklyn’s own BROTHERS NYC bring back the kind of soulful, scuzzy,harmony-soaked rock ‘n roll and country that made the ’60s and ’70s sodamn sexy. Stompin’, clappin’, hootin’, hollerin’, boozin’, lootin’, soul-savin’, whiskey-guzzlin’, easy-ridin’ rock ‘n roll.

BROTHERS NYC is not and does not claim to be a motorcycle club. They celebrate the shared love and respect for freedom, the open road, loud music, brotherhood and family.

BROTHERS NYC: Billy Sorrentino (songwriter, vocals, guitar), Dylan Boelte (vocals, bass), Damon Boelte (lead guitar), Blaine O’Brien (vocals, bluesharp, pedalsteel), Mike O’Rourke (drums, percussion), Drew Blood (piano, vocals)

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a young Manhattan based country-punk band. In 2011 L magazine named them one of the top 8 NYC bands to watch. Grand Rapids debut single will be released in the U.K. this May on Beggars Group's singles label, Too Pure.

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