2017 marks the 17th anniversary of The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase, the biggest independent music festival in the Rocky Mountain region and the premier showcase for Denver’s incredible local music scene!

Twin Peaks are a rock n' roll act that seek to blend different guitar noises with the sounds that drums sometime make then add a layer of the deep, tonal bass into a form or pattern that can be perceived in a linear fashion that makes sense to your brain and appeals to your sense of the familiar. Watch and marvel as we plug into your heads and mesmerize you with rapid-fire imagery and guitar solos and shit. We put an album out in 2011 called Oolaroo, another one out in 2013 called Lifetaking and we're currently recording our 3rd, tentatively titled Das Butt.

Shining Wires

Featuring current members of Tin Horn Prayer and ex members of Only Thunder, Sleeper Horse and Ron's.

The Blind Pets

Rock 'n' roll faith-healers the Blind Pets, known for their show-stopping live gigs where frontman Joshua Logan jumps into the crowd wrestles his Gibson SG into sonic oblivion, have long been a spark plug in the engine of Austin's underground music scene. Their working-class sound, recalling both the frantic guitar pop of Thee Oh Sees and the classic rock hooliganism of the Eagles of Death Metal, demonstrates conviction to the holy trinity of heavy guitar, bass, and drums that'll make you a believer again.

While they've received consistent critical acclaim since forming in 2007—the Austin Chronicle calling their 2011 LP Sweet Tooth "One of the better Saturday night rock LPs in recent memory" and being repeatedly heralded as a must-see band by KUTX—2013 has proved a watershed year for the trio. They successfully completed three west coast tours, received prominent placement on the soundtrack for Showtime hit Californication, and had their He Said She Said 7-inch released by local trendsetters Pau Wau Records.

In Austin, you can find the Blind Pets detonating speakers at eastside honky-tonk the White Horse or laying down supped-up stoner rock on Stubb's intimate inside stage, but more often than not, they're out beating up the road and making their name the old fashioned way: playing shows and selling records.

Their energetic performances have been well documented, featured in taste-making video series the Good Music Club as well as in the documentary Outside Industry: the Story of SXSW, but it's the Pets' back catalog, three LP's and a single, that proves them exceptional. Sugar (2007), Smashed (2009), Sweet Tooth (2011), and He Said She Said (2013) have exhibited continued growth in chemistry, songwriting, and overall intensity to become an all around dynamic force

The antithesis of today's unruffled indie rock detachment, the Blind Pets fight with passion to connect. In their sweat, there's showmanship. In their lyrics, there's soul. That sound coming their amplifiers isn't just distortion—it's the invincible spirit of rock 'n' roll.

In the Whale

In The Whale originally formed in the small town of Greeley, Colorado as a fun escape from their main bands. When those bands dissolved, it quickly became their focus, and in February of 2011 they moved to Denver to be a part of the music scene and try to build a legitimate fan base.

Since their move, they have been the name on everyone’s lips, as an answer to the current musical climate of too much reverb and not enough balls. The band started 2012 with an EP release show, selling out the Hi-Dive, a 300 capacity venue and the go to spot for up and coming Denver bands. The EP, “Cake,” is dirty and aggressive, yet surprisingly light-hearted (think Eagles of Death Metal meets The White Stripes).

With an absolutely undeniable live show and a tenacious work ethic, this local Denver band won’t be local for long.

Wire Faces has just released a brand new EP entitled "Diamonds & Gold", now available on iTunes!

Residual Kid

The Austin band Residual Kid consisting of members Max Redman (12), Ben Redman (14), and Deven Ivy (14) have quickly made a name for themselves in the few years that they have been penetrating the local Austin music scene with their unbridled style of rock that pushes the envelope of inspiring and awe. A band of a combined age that equals the single age of most seasoned professionals in the scene, Residual Kid are setting the new standard for rock. It's heavy, it's grungy, it's punk, it's honest, and a whole lot of fun.

Denver power pop-meets-garage punk. The Outfit crafts catchy tunes with enough brash exuberance that it never feels too polished.

The Octaves

a few guys who just like to rock n roll and high-five

brim liski

This is Brim Liski. Happy depression. Electronic doom painted over with shimmering vocal layers and symphonic guitar tones. Dark, limitless night music perfect for driving down an endless moon drenched highway. Comprised of various underground producers in the US and The Netherlands, the project started in late 2008 and slowly but surely became an organic musical hydra. The debut release finds itself spanning eras of dark musical passages, polyrhythmic dance beats and deep, moving basslines all in which are inspired by the recent death of love, while also influenced by the blinding light of new beginnings.

Not the Arrow

Incorporating everything from straight ahead indie rock to delay drenched ambient to tantrum driven psychadellic freak-outs, Not the Arrow is a band of many faces. Making their home in sunny Boulder, Colorado Not the Arrow's members, David Goodheim (Guitar), Jamie Kraphol (Guitar,vox), Stephen Koelemay (Bass) and Graham Carlson (Drums) draw on a deep catalog of early 2000's to present indie vinyl collections as well as some mid-1990's sonic favorites.

Koelemay and Carlson met in an undergraduate poetry for non-majors class, "Who Killed Poetry" around 2003. They would reaquaint in 2006, carousing on a rooftop bar. At the same time, Carlson kept seeing a coke-bottle-glassed Kraphol at the Sundown Saloon and then again at a Spoon show. Not being a shy one, Carlson asked him if he played guitar which lead to a story about Kraphol giving it up after suffering index finger nerve damage from an avocado induced knife wound. Carlson told him to suck it up and he joined the band. For 4-5 years, they would play on and off, with a cast of rotating members under various names (limited success). It wasn't until David Goodheim, a musical theorist, composer and educator was produced from the casual encounters section of Craigslist that the band was able to hit its stride. Goodheim's versatility, mastery of tone and ear for song craft were essential in Not the Arrow carving out their distinct, lush guitar driven aesthetic.

Indigenous Robot

Indigenous Robot is a three piece, Psychedelic Garage Rock band from Denver, CO. With a rhythmically driven, dark and smokey sound, their new album "Sleeping Giant" smashes conflicting moods and blends distorted guitar with organs and synthesizers.

the Big Get Even

Former members of Sin Desires Marie and Rabbit Is a Sphere come together to bring angular, contorted, dark and dancey tunes.



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