Grave Robber, Relesser, Creating Constellations, Angelight.

Grave Robber

Predetermined in the mind of The Reanimator at The Void, Grave Robber was unleashed upon an unsuspecting, pre-apocalyptic Earth, A.D. 2005.

As wounded and mutilated souls suffering curses unfathomable, death was their eternal verdict. Once submitting to The Reanimator as their Master, inviting The Ghost to indwell within them, and electing to die to themselves, the zombie slaves escaped the clutches of the grave.

Now, these devil's rejects arm themselves with sonic, vibratory executions and images of horrific realities, bringing an onslaught of sound and warning that will ring into eternity. Rest assured, you will be afraid. You will be very afraid.

Fans of The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Type O Negative, Gwar, Kiss, Danzig, and Rob Zombie will find themselves feeling as though they strolling in familiar musical history, yet simultaneously wading through a dense mire of uncharted territory. There’s nothing more terrifying than the unknown. Grave Robber is the one band that can hold your hand on a decidedly horrifying romp, leading you safely to the other side.

Heed the call of Grave Robber. Die and escape the grave, or die eternally.

RELESSER: (re-less-er, Anglo-French root of the word "release")

Modern Rock / Electronica Hybrid

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist / songwriter, Asche, RELESSER's music fuses strong melodies with interweaving guitar crunch and electronic synth & sequencing.

Asche's music under the name "Autumn's Descent" has been heard around the world through licensing into movies and in TV shows on MTV & VH1, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the WB, A&E, the NFL Network, & Disney.

Asche has shared the stage with artists such as P.O.D., ICE-T, Strapping Young Lad, Celldweller, Acumen Nation, the Cruxshadows, Mankind Is Osbolete, I:Scintilla, ManufraQture, Cynnergy 67, Disciple, Our Heros End, Kids in the Way, BM Linx, Gwen Stacy, Stellar Kart, Since October, This Fire's Embrace, the Afters, 9 Lashes, and Icon for Hire, just to name a few.

After doing studio work and remixes for other artists since 2006, RELESSER became a live performance entity in 2012. The band is expected to play one or two festivals in late Summer 2012 before retreating back into the studio to continue working on an upcoming series of releases for 2013. The band hopes to return to the road in 2013.

Creating Constellations

Hailing from small town Muncie, Indiana, Creating Constellations is growing to deliver post-hardcore music that will not soon be forgotten. Forming in October 2010, the band is comprised of six friends who have a passion for music and a passion for God that cannot be contained. Their goal: Seeking to live ministry and promote positive music to the scene. Combining their various influences and talent, “My Mom Burned All My Pokemanz,” and “Sweepy Hollow” are two songs that showcase sick guitar riffs mixed with intricate keyboard/synth lines that accent each other distinctively. That, united with the featured parts performed live produces a matchless sound and gives fans a reason to keep listening and coming back. Creating Constellations' philosophy on songwriting displays their enthusiasm for their music, fans, and faith:
“We are all about being positive and speaking in faith. We write from the point of view of our faith, but we believe that our music can be related to by people from all walks of life. Being positive doesn’t mean that we avoid writing about struggles that we experience. Music has natural healing qualities that help to mend brokenness in ways that other things can’t. We love our fans and want to relate to them in any way that we can.”
The energy of their live performance is infectious. By making an effort to play for not just the crowd as a whole, but for each individual, everything is put into the live show, and they leave it all on the stage every time they play regardless of circumstance.
They believe that good musicianship should not be about where a person is from, but how they convey their own emotions and feelings through their music, and this is why they will continue to move forward. Keep your head up and look out for Creating Constellations, breaking into a scene near you!


AngeLight was formed in the fall of 2008, and started touring regionally at the beginning of the 2009 year. With a solid EP, and constant radio play on stations across the US, they soon found themselves performing with many of today's top national acts, and traveling all over the east coast.

We all struggle. No one is perfect. AngeLight touches base on everyday issues like suicide, depression, loneliness, addiction, family, love...and more. They write music that people can relate to, and want to connect to their audience in a way that an ordinary performer cannot. Through their own struggles, with these same issues, the members want to use their past to create a positive impact on this world.

you can purchase a copy of our NEW FULL LENGTH ALBUM here:



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