Cannons and Clouds

Cannons and Clouds

San Francisco's Cannons and Clouds assert tastefully designed, melody-forward, vocally charged, heavy "Indie Post-Rock". Both wistful and dynamic, their music is accentuated by slow-building crescendos, rich multi-part vocal harmonies, and soaring layers of electrically sonic, face-melting, soul-crushing, kegel-clenching convergences of both rhythmic and melodic psychedelia. All while maintaing a propensity for integrating unfeigned ballads and confessional narratives into their manifold framework.

Jonah Matranga (Far, Onelinedrawing, Gratitude)

Jonah Matranga is essentially unique. His music is somewhere in between Nick Drake, Cheap Trick and Sinead O'Connor... but not really. Over the last 15 years, he’s fronted rock bands (Far, Gratitude, New End Original) and made more solo-ish albums as onelinedrawing and simply under his name. He’s made records with budgets ranging from $300 to $300,000.

For his latest album, 'You're All Those Things And Then You're None', Jonah first released solo acoustic versions of the songs, then put those basic tracks up for people to add their own ideas. It's exciting in concept and execution -- and surprisingly cohesive. On one track, 'Happy-Hee', upwards of 30 singers (including Kimya Dawson) ended up being part of a fittingly tender, odd collage. The album ranges from rocking and strident ('This Is Who I'm Gonna Be', 'Hold On') to poppy and idiosyncratic ('Sweet Life' and 'I Just Died In The Air', the latter of which is a synth-fueled, hooky, lyrical pastiche of countless iconic 80s tunes) to sparse and touching ('You Belong To Me', 'Secret World').

Strange Vine

Strange Vine's earthy, energetic music is a fusion of blues, psychedelic, and traditional American rock. It's a sound born of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, from two men who were raised there. Ian Blesse plays drums and Rhodes piano (simultaneously), while Toby Cordova fleshes out the songs with a rotating arsenal of guitars (including one made from a cigar box). Both contribute vocals toward a rich, layered sound that's greater than the sum of its parts. In just a year's time, Strange Vine has already shared the stage with acts like The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant, Band Of Skulls, B.B. King, The Growlers, White Denim, Robin Trower, The Greenhornes, Pokey LaFarge and JEFF The Brotherhood.

The Town Quartet

The Town Quartet was formed in 2011 in Oakland by violinists Garrett McLean and Corey Mike, Violist Jacob Hansen-Joseph, and cellist Lewis Patzner, with the goal of rehearsing and performing some of the masterpieces of the quartet literature; a feat all too rare for the local gigging musician. In 2012, Garrett migrated south to his homeland, Los Angeles, and the quartet recruited violinist Mia Bella D'Augelli. They perform in casual settings, like their weekly Sunday residency at The Musical Offering Cafe in Berkeley, as well as in more formal settings like private parties and concerts open to the public.



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