Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz

Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz

Johnny Staxx - Jonathan Wesley Stacksworth of the noted Vermont Stacksworths was poised to take over his family's cape and top hat business, Stackswoth's Capes & Tops, but threw it all away in order to follow his dreams of shredding guitar in a blues-rock cover band. Disowned by his family, he traveled across the country perfecting his craft and honing his skills. He has played shitty little honky-tonks and giant stadiums, opening for Magic Larry and his dancing poodles and everything in between. He also played Skooch in the movie Party Inc. Pt. 3.

Fast Freddy Fantastic - Born into poverty in Toad Lick, Mississippi, young Steven Wexler fled his small town and moved to Canada at age sixteen to learn to play the blues. He returned to America six years later as Fast Freddy Fantastic. He has played with a varied assortment of artists, such as Lemon Wine, Jasme Kelly, 4 Jacks & a Jill, and was briefly in a Queen tribute band called Prince, which immediately broke up due to a potential lawsuit by an unnamed artist.

Crack Daddy Slim - Born Roscoe Alvarez in Brooklyn, NY, young "Daddy" made a name for himself as a graffiti artist and breakdancer. Things took a turn for the worse in 1997 when he was arrested for setting a bunch of kangaroos free at the Brooklyn Zoo to try to impress Josie Davis, the woman who played the younger sister on Charles in Charge. The kangaroos were immediately eaten by alligators, who unfortunately got sick from a rare Australian kangaroo virus and died. Josie was not impressed. What was impressive, however, was the way he turned his life around with a simple harmonica that he bought for two packs of cigarettes and a jungle juice. With that harmonica in hand, he emerged from prison 46 days later a new man... a man named Crack Daddy Slim.

Nekkid Feather Mouth - Still trying to figure this one out, as is he...all we can say is that he is indeed a Man 'mongst Men

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