The Wicked End, Daimonic Grey, My New Dream Sequencer, Navigate the Maelstrom, Death For Hire

The Wicked End

Rock five-piece from Delaware.

Ryan McGaha (Lead Vocals)
Tommy Zackowski (Drums, vocals)
Mark Shorter (Bass, vocals)
Mat Cintron (Guitar, vocals)
Mitch Wessell (Guitar, vocals)

Daimonic Grey

Hailing from Northeast Philly and Wilmington, DE we are a progressive Metal Band consisting of former members of Satori & Solum... Bringing a calculated onslaught of sound to your ears.. We keep you guessing with a balanced mix of heavy and melodic and keep you entertained with energetic performances.

My New Dream Sequencer

My New Dream Sequencer ... Original Band ... Hard Rock ... Catchy Hooks
Melodic Vocals and Solos ... Dark Passionate Twisted Love subject matter

Navigate the Maelstrom

One of their songs is entitled "Alexis Texas In July". Nuff said.

We're about sharing the music we love and create with the world! as soon as we can get it to the world!

Artists We Also Like
36 Crazyfists, August Burns Red, After the Burial, Parkway Drive, Every Time I Die, Sevendust, Deftones, Within The Ruins, Periphery, Opeth, The Faceless

Death For Hire

Under Construction...Will Post Dates Up A.S.A.P...Send In More Invites To Friends.. More Updates Coming Soon

Band Interests
also too many to list

Artists We Also Like
Death For Hire! , Von kull , Sledge Hammer , throddle ,livid metal tribute , midnight mob ,judas preist , tool , slayer , bls , alice in chains ex.............



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