Unruly Things

Unruly Things

Unruly Things, speeding through the morning mist with the snow capped Sierras shrinking in the distance the thump of an engine hurtles an aging CB into the desert where the sun beats down on black leather like a frustrated osprey attempting to crack a turtles shell for the first time. With members hailing from the midwest, the deep south and the pacific northwest Unruly Things bring a unique blend of rock and roll that travels the winding roads across the plains and down the mountains, in the light of the day, through the dead of the night, from the billowing fog of San Francisco, through to the small towns, to the bright lights of New York City and back again.

Fast Piece Of Furniture

FAST PIECE OF FURNITURE is originally from Toledo, Ohio, where Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Tony Lowe partnered with drummer and record label magnate Jeff Nelson (Minor Threat, Dischord) to record and perform Tony's music, along with Bassist Mahlon Orrin and Keyboardist Erika Kuester. After a series of studio sessions spanning two years and audience-acclaimed live performances in the midwest, Dischord and Adult Swim Records decided to jointly release the band’s debut full-length recording Adventures in Contentment on May 25, 2007. Lowe moved to the San Francisco Bay Area that same year, and recorded an EP with a new lineup (2012's No Springs Honest Weight, recorded at San Francisco's Tiny Telephone studios and released on Adult Swim Records). Now, the only known all-T-town band on the West coast has crystallized with Tony Lowe, drummer Todd Swalla (Necros, Laughing Hyenas), and bassist Jeff Drudge. Fast Piece of Furniture returns to Neck of The Woods to rock and be rocked.

Spider Garage

Birds swim, fish fry, and we play rock and roll. That's all you gotta know. We started this project in October 2008 to perform some of Scott's material that didn't make it in the October Allied set. When October Allied and the Trenchermen broke up, we made this project a main focus and now have a complete set of original rock and roll music, and are getting it out to local clubs.

$5.00 - $7.00


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