Bujie and the Highrise

Bujie and the Highrise

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Bujie and the Highrise is a new extension into the world of modern day reggae influenced music. Mixing classic Dub reggae, Roots reggae, ska, hip hop and Progressive Rock, Bujie and the Highrise brings together an audial and visual effort to absorb your soul, body, and spirit into a circle of unity among all people. We promote a positive atmosphere along with our music. We have just released our first Full-Length Album available for free to download, and you can also purchase a hard copy.

Band Interests
Psychological discussions
World issues
Sound Engineering
Song composition
Making sounds out of weird stuff
Mike Chavez

Artists We Also Like
Mr. Bungle, Slightly Stoopid, Primus, RHCP, CCR, The Memorials, Streetlight Manifesto, Pantera, Snarky Puppy

Branded X

Liquid Peace Revolution

Liquid Peace Revolution is a group of musicians searching for new and unique ways to expand the boundaries of Rock ‘N’ Roll. The band’s origin dates back to 2003 when Kyle Deshowitz(guitar) heard Evan Hall(bass) playing the song "Black Dog" in their local Guitar Center. These two Rock ‘N’ Roll enthusiasts both felt they had the same duty to music – to use music as a medium for spreading peace and unity. Their bond grew strong through their parallel passion for music. Not even Hurricane Katrina could tear Evan and Kyle apart. They showed each other new guitar riffs over the phone and sought after the elusive first collaborative song at the ages of 13 and 14, respectively. "We knew we had to have determination right from the start," says Evan Hall, who stuck with Kyle simply because Kyle
did the same for him. With no one else interested in forming a rock band, they moved forward – united but incomplete. In the coming months numerous kids from school tried to fill the holes in the would-be five piece band but none truly meshed with Evan and Kyle musically.

In 2007, the long search ended with Evan’s introduction of William Alber and Matthew Keegan to Kyle. William Alber came from a prayer for a singer that could bring something different and exciting to the table – a spark. A beautiful medley of influences from Robert Plant to Roger Daltrey combined with Will’s own unique and (some may say) unnatural style of performing ensured that he was in the band. Matt brought the music to a new level with his blend of rudimentary precision and yet effortless flow – incredibly accurate yet at a subconscious level. Remnants of the legends John Bonham and Keith Moon are always present in Matt’s playing, but Matt's originality is unobtainable to most percussionists. The band was finally there and the Chemistry was established, with every member
thinking and acting along interlocking wavelengths. After the tedious evacuation of Hurricane Gustav the band began writing for their first record and gigging often at local venues around New Orleans. However, there was still one piece missing, a void as it were, as if the foursome were missing an essential element. Empty space in music is not necessarily a bad thing, but this emptiness was the result of a missing member, not a missing phrase. The void was filled in 2010 by an extraordinary keyboardist Jason Percle, a school friend of Matt, Evan, and Will. Jason truly has the ability to make everyone in a room stop everything they are doing and listen fixedly to the wonder that is his performing. His understanding of music itself, both in theory and in technique far surpasses most his age. Jason adds more life to the band, bringing an unprecedented fullness to the group, heightening the suspense one feels when hearing the band play.

Shortly after this final addition Liquid Peace Revolution began recording their first record at Onset Studios with master sound engineer Destin Thibodaux. The record is entitled Flower Power Evolution, and it strings together the best of the old and the best of the new. Elements of the music from the Flower Power movement of the 60’s can be heard amid the unprecedented elements infused in
all of LPR’s music. Their music is timeless, bridging the chasm separating the youth of today and the youth of yesterday. Unlike many other rock bands currently in existence, Liquid Peace Revolution hopes to find and celebrate the similarities among people rather than the differences.

Today, LPR is a solid rock powerhouse with a great first record. Ideas for their second record are already flowing readily, and, although only time will tell, the next album seems sure to be even better. Promotion of open mindedness, peace, and creativity are LPR's key ingredients being brought to the music scene of the 21st century.

Band Interests

$5.00 - $8.00


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